Fort Smith National Historic Site – Fort Smith, Arkansas – 12/01/2019

Situated along the Arkansas River, the Fort Smith National Historic Site preserves an 80 year span of history in this Westernmost Arkansas settlement.

As you explore the jail cells, courtroom, exhibits, artifacts, and outdoor trails, you can experience life as it was then on the edge of “Indian Territory” throughout the 1800’s.

Engage with the touching stories of US Soldiers; Natives along the Trail of Tears; dangerous outlaws; and the brave, legendary lawmen who dedicated their lives to policing the Western Frontier.

If your kids have ever expressed an interest in the “Wild Wild West” they will be intrigued with all there is to engage with upon the property.

When I was in school, we never really delved deeply into the more intimate details of Westward Expansion. So, now, as I travel with my own family to explore historic and cultural sites of significance, I find so much enlightenment. And, honestly, a lot of it is darker and not exactly pleasant.

Some parts of history are painfully poignant, in spite of history books that gloss over perspective, and Hollywood movies that vilify and glorify without regard to truth.

But, with all that being said, Fort Smith is a very well curated and maintained National Historic Site, and an excellent place to broaden YOUR historical perspective!