Another Day Another Ding – Ding Tea Taiwanese Tea House – Suwanee, Georgia – 12/12/2020

Another day, another Ding!

Yes! I think we might like this place!

Ding Tea Suwanee, and all of the Ding Tea locations, have such a fabulous selection of flavors, that everyone can find something they love!

With the vast menu choices, as well as New Flavors, Seasonal Flavors, and even “Secret Menu” Options, there is always something new to try!

Or, just keep ordering what you love!

Customize your ice and sugar options to ensure YOUR perfect drink experience!

Today Alysia and I did Peach, Taro, and Honeydew. And we grabbed the newly released Holiday Drink, the Strawberry Matcha Milk Tea, for Trillian.

Three out of four with Ding’s Golden Boba, with Alysia opting for the Starfruit Jelly in her Taro.

Which, I have since decided, is actually kind of awesome.

I didn’t think I’d like it. But, oh, I do! Mmmmm…..

Looking for a fun treat this holiday season?

Take the family out for Bubble Tea!

Don’t have a Ding Tea near you?

Click on any photo to learn more about How to Make Your Own Bubble Tea at Home!

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