Lake Martin Swamp Tour with Bryan Champagne – Breaux Bridge, Louisiana – 02/15/2010

We’ve taken a lot of Swamp Tours in our time.

Among the swamp tours more readily available, Bryan Champagne of Champagne’s Swamp Tours would definitely be ranked the highest.

Bryan was fantastic with the kids. He engaged them with a lot of wonderful, wise, and witty dialogue, and then allowed them a lot of hands-on interaction with different plants, grasses, trees, reeds, seeds, and even a baby alligator!

There are multiple tour companies and guides from which to choose in this area. And there are lots of locations in the Southern Louisiana region that offer commercial tour packages.

But, we genuinely enjoy our time off the beaten path in Lake Martin. And folks like Bryan Champagne help make our experiences wonderful!

The Lake Martin area is great because it is NOT over-commercialized, and NOT overrun with tourists. The environment is natural, and it’s all still very much a community-centered operation comprised of local people who love and care about the land their families have lived upon for multiple generations.

When you book with a tour operator that isn’t bound to an around-the-clock schedule of boats one right after the other, he can really take his time to get you up close and personal with the wildlife.

Learning always happens in its purest form when you can provide the kids with interactive, hands-on experiences. And Bryan is willing and able to do just that!

The State of Louisiana considers Nutria to be “pests” but I thought they were absolutely adorable! We were able to spend a nice amount of time watching a mother and her babies in their nest.

Spanish moss is always fun, and the mighty cypress trees, always a sight to behold.

We love this environment, and we are grateful for people like Bryan Champagne that take the time to share their home with us, all while caring for it for the sake of THEIR future as well.

I call that a win-win for learning while maintaining respect for that which we are experiencing!