Exploring H-Mart Korean Grocery Store! – Suwanee, Georgia – 10/15/2020

The variety here at H-Mart Korean Grocery Store is incredible!

They have a few things we are familiar with, of course, but WHOA!

Check out all the unique produce you just won’t find on the shelves of American chain grocery stores!

Click on any photo for recommendations on Korean Cookbooks for all of these goodies!

Check back in with Trillian’s Kitchen to see her creations as she comes up with ways to use what we buy from H-Mart!

Pictured Below:

1000 Year KimchiAloeAloe LeavesAniseAsian PearsBaby Bok ChoyBaby Napa CabbageBaby RadishesBanana FlowersBanana LeavesBananasBattataBeetsBitter MelonBlack Oyster MushroomsBlackberriesBok ChoyBok Choy TipsBottled Milk TeaBrown Beech MushroomsBrown Shimeji MushroomsBuckwheat NoodlesBurdock Root, Burro BananasCactusCactus LeafCarrotsChayoteCherry TomatoesChinese ChivesChinese Long SquashChive BlossomsChivesCubanel Green PeppersCurryCurry PowderDaikon RadishDatesDillDragon FruitDragonfruitDried DatesDropwortEggplantEnok MushroomsFava BeansFinger PeppersFresh FruitFresh NoodlesFresh ProduceFruitGai Choy, Green OnionsGuans Seafood MushroomsHeirloom Cherry TomatoesHot MustardI’m Alive KombuchaIndian Bitter MelonIndian EggplantJicamaKabuchaKaleKimchiKing Oyster Mushrooms, KombuchaKorean Leaf LettuceKorean Mustard LeavesKorean PearsKorean RadishesLemongrassLong Napa CabbageLotus RootMaitake MushroomsMakguksuMalangaMallowMallow LeavesMicro GreensMicrogreensMint LeavesMon ChoyMushroomsNagaimoNapa CabbageOriental Curry PowderOriental Hot MustardPhoPho NoodlesPitayaPulmuone NoodlesPuluone Rice CakesRadish SproutsRadish TopsRambutanRed YautiaRice CakesSerrano PeppersShanghai Bok ChoySher Li HonShiitake MushroomsStar FruitStrawberriesSweet n Spicy Rice CakesSweet Potato StemsTacochoyTaroTaro RootThai BananasThai EggplantThai FoodThai PeppersTomatilloTomatoesTurnip GreensUdonUdon NoodlesVegan KimchiVietnamese FoodVietnamese Pho NoodlesWhite Beech MushroomsWhite Oyster MushroomsWhite YamsXPP Milk TeaYautiaYu ChoyYucca

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