Miss Laura's Social Club – Fort Smith Visitors Center – Fort Smith, Arkansas – 12/01/2019

Well, now, it’s not every day you see a “House of Ill Repute” show up on a Family Travel Website!

Or on the National Register of Historic Places, for that matter!

Miss Laura’s Social Club is the only former bordello in Arkansas listed on the NRHP!

And what a history this place has!

Currently serving as the Visitors Center for the city of Fort Smith, you can stop by Miss Laura’s for all sorts of brochures and area suggestions and recommendations.

And, if you are intrigued with Miss Laura’s unique past, you can even take a free guided tour!

A very kind, and exceptionally well-informed interpreter told us all about the lifestyle of the girls and their madame; as well as the history of the building; and the city of Fort Smith as it grew in its prominence along the edge of the Western Frontier.

So many beautiful period pieces are on display.

Furniture, decor, clothing, linens, personal effects…

It was a lovely experience, really stepping into the lives of the young women who lived and worked at Miss Laura’s.

To top it all off, they have a fun little gift shop to commemorate your experience.

And, if you’re in good health, they’ll even issue you your very own “Official” Health Department Certificate! Talk about a fun souvenir!

This place is a blast, and should NOT be missed if you find yourself in Fort Smith!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Alysia!

Yes, I took my daughter to a Brothel for her 20th Birthday!

Homeschool Field Trip to a Bordello?

Yes! Absolutely!

If these walls could talk, you would definitely want to listen!