Hiking the Ivy Creek Greenway from The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center to the Woodward Mill Historic Site and Beyond – Buford, Georgia – 03/14/2021

Gwinnett County boasts an extensive park system with lots of hiking and trails.

In the Buford area, The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center has several hiking options of its own, including the Ivy Creek Greenway.

From the parking lot of The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center, the Ivy Creek Greenway takes you out to the Woodward Mill Historic Site.

All in all, this isn’t the most natural setting. You do border some residential and commercial properties, and come out under the vicinity of Interstate 85.

But, if you are into a bit of urban exploring, it’s still a good hike.

At about 3 miles round trip, you can explore nature, wildlife, plants, and human history.

And it’s not every day you can hang out under an interstate.

So, there’s that!

Spring is almost here, so many flowers and trees are waking from their slumber.

And it was a unique visual juxtaposition to see thick vines becoming one with the historic mill wheel.

And Ivy Creek flowing over the abandoned mill structures, actually is quite beautiful.

CLICK HERE for a pdf map of the Ivy Creek Greenway.

It looks like the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center Website is currently compromised as of me writing this.

But, CLICK HERE for an interactive map and lists of ALL Gwinnett County Parks.

Click on any photo for some ideas on Nature Journals and Cool Tools for Hiking with Kids!

And if you are curious, Broken Cloud Machine, as seen in a few of the photos below, is an Indie Experimental Sound Project out of Athens, Georgia.

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