BabyLand General Hospital Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids! – Cleveland, Georgia – 06/19/2019

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the super cool toys of yesteryear…

Or, if you are wanting to share a little of “Our Generation” with your gang…

BabyLand General Hospital is where it’s at!

If you’re my age, give or take, you probably recall the Cabbage Patch Craze of the early 1980’s.

And BabyLand is where these guys were, and still are, all born!

Fun, touchable, and fully shoppable exhibits regularly rotate the vast diversity available in the Cabbage Patch Collection of today. I’ve never known any other doll line to have such an incredible variety of skin tones; eye colors; and hair colors and textures. Full of magic and whimsy, they are all so very unique!

Historic displays showcase rare and valuable dolls, straight from the collection of designer Xavier Roberts.

You might even find a few Original Andy Warhol Cabbage Patch Pop Art designs throughout the nurseries!

After you’ve made your way through the exhibits, make sure you participate in the interactive “Delivery Room” as you take part in an actual Cabbage Baby Birth!

Lots of other toys are available in the VERY large shopping areas. As well as a variety of Cabbage Patch Dolls, clothing, and accessories.

And, my personal favorite, the Bunny Bees!

Available in Pink or Blue!

Some of the Limited Edition Dolls are quite pricey, but many kinds of authentic Cabbage Patch Dolls are available, and often start around $14.99. So, don’t be afraid to walk out with a souvenir or two!

Admission is FREE!

But, darnit, everything is SOOO cute!

How can you not want to take a little something home for yourself?

I mean, uh, for the kids!