The Blessed Mama of 4 – Faith, Family, Fun

Come on over and meet Heather, The Blessed Mama of 4! She is passionate about sharing all things for the home and family; and loves talking about some of her favorites! She enjoys being a mom and running her home, and wants to provide other mamas (and dads!) with tips that will help with your home, family, health/wellness, homeschooling, and kids crafts. She hopes you will also find joy in her simple, doable, ideas that have been helpful in her life! Blessed Mama of 4

The Kent Krew

Amy, mother of 2, wants to share all the passions of her life with you! With a collection of articles covering Parenting, Health and Fitness, Recipes, Educational Resources, Gift Guides, Bible Studies, and more, Amy hopes you will stop by and get to know her krew! The Kent Krew!

Kin Uplugged – All Things Family

Kin Uplugged – All Things Family Family is an incredible thing. Some we’re born into and others we choose. Either way, it always comes with joys and lessons that we’re unlikely to learn in the same way anywhere else.  Here on Kin Unplugged, you’ll find a wide range of posts related to family. From babies to mothering to marriage. You’re sure to find something you can relate to.  SPGFAN Says: Kin Unplugged is a lovely collection of articles and resources designed to offer support and encouragement to moms of the littlest littles. Are you adjusting to life as a new…

Parents Enlight – Happiness in Heart & Mind – Connected Living and Parenting with Viki de Lieme

Happiness in Heart & Mind Connected Living and Parenting with Viki de Lieme SPGFAN Says: Viki de Lieme brings a wealth of experience to her blog Parents Enlight to encourage parents to find Happiness in Heart and Mind with Connected Living and Parenting. As a proud supporter of peaceful, positive parenting myself, I really love the material she is presenting here, and the tools she is providing for ALL parents to become more present, and more mindful of creating positive, child-centered communication. If you’d like more information on parenting principles that encourage compassion, empathy, acceptance, and non-violent communication, please read…

The Well and Balanced Mom

WHAT IS THE WELL AND BALANCED MOM? The Well and Balanced Mom is a site dedicated to YOU, Momma.​It’s a place to find tips, inspiration, and insight on how to balance your life and make the most of the precious years you have before your children leave home. Through this blog, I hope you’re inspired to keep yourself a priority as you navigate through one of the hardest, but most rewarding times in your life. You may feel like taking care of yourself is not important or worse— selfish. But your children deserve a mother who models self-care, who values…