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We are not writers. We are just a normal family living a not so normal life. We enjoy traveling and creating memories with our children. We also enjoy getting to know people and sharing our story with you. We are not experts at anything, but we know a little about a lot. We have been traveling for several years and have learned a lot. We have been homeschooling for 20+ years and roadschooling for part of that. We still have a lot to learn, but we also have a lot to share. Read our stories as we fill in our US states sticker map, take some advice, and share your advice with us. If you are ever on our travel path, be sure to say “hi”, we’d love to connect with you.

Note from Gretchen:

I had been following the Boudreaux Family on Facebook for quite some time. One day, while in the middle of Alaska, in a tiny, tiny little town called Hope… I recognized a sticker on the back of an RV… And sure enough, it was the Boudreaux Family!

We enjoyed hours of amazing conversation while the kids played!

To this day, this really is one of the crazier stories I have to tell!

To be so far off the beaten path, almost as far away from my own home as you can possibly drive in a vehicle…

And we find people we know!

How cool is that?!