Om Inspirations Jewelry – Athens, Georgia

Another gorgeous jewelry maker hailing from the creative haven of Athens, Georgia, is the stunning Om Inspirations Jewelry! Designer, Darlene Bink, utilizes her fine arts background to lovingly handcraft each of these unique pieces with natural stones, glass, wood, textiles, and more! From smaller, subtle accents, to bold, chunky pieces with loads of boho flair, your style will shine when complemented by the works of Om Inspirations! Below are just a few pieces from their current ETSY Collection, but every item is one-of-a-kind! Selection will vary, but every piece is just as lovely as the next!

RISE Baking Co – Athens, Georgia

RISE Baking Co out of Athens, Georgia is our absolute favorite baker of naturally leavened sourdough breads! Baking Proprietor, Julie Willis, also offers wonderful seasonal pies and other sweet treats! RISE is an absolute asset to the Athens community, and her breads are frequently the centerpiece of our own table! If you are looking for unique breads, check out some of the currently available choices! Selection and availability will vary, but there is ALWAYS something delicious you are sure to enjoy! You Spice Up My Life Sourdough Turmeric ginger sourdough. Naturally leavened, vegan-friendly. Would compliment a coconut milk curry dish nicely,…

hgh designs – Handcrafted Jewelry

Heather Howard from Athens, Georgia creates unique jewelry pieces from leather and beads! Are you looking for the perfect show-stopping statement piece for your outfit? Check out hgh designs! hgh designs