RISE Baking Co – Athens, Georgia

RISE Baking Co out of Athens, Georgia is our absolute favorite baker of naturally leavened sourdough breads!

Baking Proprietor, Julie Willis, also offers wonderful seasonal pies and other sweet treats!

RISE is an absolute asset to the Athens community, and her breads are frequently the centerpiece of our own table!

If you are looking for unique breads, check out some of the currently available choices! Selection and availability will vary, but there is ALWAYS something delicious you are sure to enjoy!

You Spice Up My Life Sourdough

Turmeric ginger sourdough. Naturally leavened, vegan-friendly. Would compliment a coconut milk curry dish nicely, as well as make a surprising snack/appetizer with cream cheese and pepper jelly.

RISE Foundational Loaf

Naturally leavened sourdough made with unbleached flour, 10% whole wheat flour, and a touch of GA honey.

Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough

Excellent holiday breakfast or brunch addition! Long fermentation made perfect by melted butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins.

Nutella Babka

Eastern European sweet bread enriched with eggs and milk, filled and twisted with delectable Nutella filling.

Chocolate Sourdough

A crowd-pleaser. Chocolate sourdough– no sugar added! The sweetness comes from the rich flavored, dark chocolate chips!

You Make My Heart Beet Faster Sourdough

Roasted beetroot, walnuts and a bit of whole wheat flour combine in this hearty romance of flavor and nutrition. Naturally leavened. Vegan-friendly. Its perfect destiny awaits with goat cheese and honey… I’ve been eating it plain for lunch now for days.

Black Pepper Cornmeal

A nice sourdough white loaf with 15% cornmeal, seasoned with black pepper and salt. Campfire-ready, vegan friendly.


Ever-so-slightly-sweet traditional Jewish egg bread, made with active dry yeast. May be a long braided loaf or a braided round.

RISE Baking Co – Athens, Georgia