Puzzles, Logic Games, Critical Thinking, and Learning Manipulatives for Kids!

Logic and Thinking Skills have always been the most important tenets of the education I have provided my own children.

As a homeschooling parent, I often say, “I’m not teaching them WHAT to learn… I’m teaching them HOW to learn…”

So, for 20+ years, I have surrounded my family with endless means of constantly encouraging the use of logic and the development of critical thinking skills.

Through books, games, puzzles, and more, we all still thoroughly enjoy exercising our brains!

From infant to adult, the entire family will LOVE these suggestions!

Right now, this Guide is SPGFAN Sampler Style.

But, as I add more, I hope to break these ideas down into more specific categories.

For now, though, browse through the images. If you see anything that interests you, click on that photo to learn more. You will also see other related product ideas when you do.

If you have any questions, hit us up! We’re happy to help!

If you have a recommendation from your own experience, please share! We’d love to hear YOUR great ideas, too!


And, as always, thanks for being here!

SPGFAN Favorites!

These are products we actually own ourselves! We have used them, and they are all HIGHLY recommended!

DJECO Oscar & Cannelle Wooden Gingerbread Decorating Set

DJECO Emile & Olive Wooden Sandwich Making Set

Other GREAT Brain Boosting Puzzles and Toys!

Patterns, Pattern Cards, and Pattern Blocks!

Rainbow Pebbles – Sorting and Stacking Pattern Stones

Fun, Unique Puzzles!

Rainbow Stacker Puzzle

Real Wooden Tetris Puzzle

Sorting, Counting, Shapes, and Colors

Mathematical Learning Tools!

Rubberband Geoboards!

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