National Parks Bucket Journal: U.S. Outdoor Adventure Log List Guide | Memory Book | Lodges & Trip Planner | America Passport & Stamp

Description From Publisher

Perfect for traveling 6”x9” size with softcover includes in the interior:

  • Alphabetical description of all parks 
  • A huge map of all marked and pointed National Parks 
  • My Bucket List with a date of visit to add
  • U.S National Parks Tracking Log with blank order and visited check
  • Storage – to plan all your most important things before the visit
  • For each National Park two pages with everything you need such as date, season, weather conditions, “who was with me”, “where we stayed”, “what we did”, sights, wildlife, “my favorite moment”, a place for your stamp, and overall experience.
  • For every park there is a list of most popular attractions – you can cross if you visited some of them or add a few more in blank space
  • All of the National Parks have additional information like established date, size of the National Park and co-ordinates

This journal is a perfect gift idea for:

  • Loved ones, children, and grandparents to inspire them to a great adventure
  • Making notes from your adventure to make it more enjoyable and memorable
  • Sharing memories with your loved ones
  • Inspire them to live in harmony with nature

This 150-page journal is a unique gift for adults and kids alike who enjoy touring National Parks and for beginners who are just starting their adventure!

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