Route Scout: Interstate 40


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Interstate 40 by State



New Mexico





North Carolina

Interstate 40

Exit 1Barstow, CA
Exit 2Barstow, CA
Exit 5
Exit 7Daggett, CA
Exit 12
Exit 18Newberry Springs, CA
Exit 23
MM 28
Exit 33
Exit 50Ludlow, CA
Exit 78
Exit 100
MM 106
Exit 107Fenner, CA
Exit 115
Exit 120
Exit 133
Exit 139Needles, CA
Exit 141Needles, CA
Exit 142Needles, CA
Exit 144Needles, CA
Exit 148
MM 149
Exit 153
MM 153

Interstate 40

Exit 1Topock, AZ
Exit 2
Exit 9
Exit 13
Exit 20
Exit 25Yucca, AZ
Exit 26Yucca, AZ
Exit 28
Exit 37
Exit 44
Exit 48Kingman, AZ
Exit 51Kingman, AZ
Exit 53Kingman, AZ
Exit 59
Exit 66
Exit 71
Exit 79
Exit 87
Exit 91
Exit 96
Exit 103
Exit 109
Exit 121Seligman, AZ
Exit 123Seligman, AZ
Exit 139
Exit 144Ash Fork, AZ
Exit 146Ash Fork, AZ
Exit 148
Exit 149
Exit 151
Exit 157
Exit 161Williams, AZ
Exit 163Williams, AZ
Exit 165Williams, AZ
Exit 167Williams, AZ
Exit 171Parks, AZ
Exit 178Parks, AZ
Exit 184Bellemont, AZ
Exit 185Bellemont, AZ
Exit 190
Exit 191
Exit 192
Exit 194Flagstaff, AZ
Exit 195Flagstaff, AZ
Exit 197Flagstaff, AZ
Exit 198Flagstaff, AZ
Exit 201Flagstaff, AZ
Exit 204Flagstaff, AZ
Exit 207
Exit 211
Exit 219
Exit 225
Exit 230
Exit 233
Exit 239
Exit 245
Exit 252Winslow, AZ
Exit 253Winslow, AZ
Exit 255Winslow, AZ
Exit 257
Exit 264
Exit 269
Exit 274Joseph City, AZ
Exit 277Joseph City, AZ
Exit 280
Exit 283
Exit 285Holbrook, AZ
Exit 286Holbrook, AZ
Exit 289Holbrook, AZ
Exit 292
Exit 294
Exit 300
Exit 303
Exit 311Petrified Forest National Park
Exit 320
Exit 325
Exit 330
Exit 333Chambers, AZ
Exit 339Sanders, AZ
Exit 341
Exit 343
Exit 346
Exit 348
Exit 351
Exit 354
Exit 357
Exit 359Lupton, AZ
MM 359

Interstate 40
New Mexico

Exit 8
Exit 16Gallup, NM
Exit 20Gallup, NM
Exit 22Gallup, NM
Exit 26Gallup, NM
Exit 33McGaffey, NM
Exit 36Iyanbito, NM
Exit 39
Exit 44Coolidge, NM
Exit 47
Exit 53Thoreau, NM
Exit 63Prewitt, NM
Exit 72Bluewater Village, NM
Exit 79Milan, NM
Exit 81Grants, NM
Exit 85Grants, NM
Exit 89Quemado, NM
Exit 96
Exit 100San Fidel, NM
Exit 102
Exit 104
Exit 108
Exit 114Laguna, NM
Exit 117
Exit 126
Exit 131Canoncito, NM
Exit 140
Exit 149
Exit 153Albuquerque, NM
Exit 154Albuquerque, NM
Exit 155Albuquerque, NM
Exit 157AAlbuquerque, NM
Exit 157BAlbuquerque, NM
Exit 158Albuquerque, NM
Exit 159AAlbuquerque, NM
Exit 159B-CAlbuquerque, NM
Exit 159DAlbuquerque, NM
Exit 160Albuquerque, NM
Exit 161Albuquerque, NM
Exit 162Albuquerque, NM
Exit 164Albuquerque, NM
Exit 165Albuquerque, NM
Exit 166Albuquerque, NM
Exit 167Albuquerque, NM
Exit 170
Exit 175
Exit 178Zuzax, NM
Exit 181Sedillo, NM
Exit 187
Exit 194Moriarty, NM
Exit 196Moriarty, NM
Exit 197Moriarty, NM
Exit 203
Exit 208Wagon Wheel, NM
Exit 218AClines Corners, NM
Exit 218Clines Corners, NM
Exit 226
Exit 230
Exit 234
Exit 239
Exit 243
Exit 256
Exit 263San Ignacio, NM
Exit 267Colonias, NM
Exit 273Santa Rosa, NM
Exit 275Santa Rosa, NM
Exit 277Santa Rosa, NM
Exit 284
Exit 291Cuervo, NM
Exit 300Newkirk, NM
Exit 311Montoya, NM
Exit 321Palomas, NM
Exit 329Tucumcari, NM
Exit 331Tucumcari, NM
Exit 332Tucumcari, NM
Exit 333Tucumcari, NM
Exit 335Tucumcari, NM
Exit 339Tucumcari, NM
Exit 343Tucumcari, NM
Exit 356San Jon, NM
Exit 361Bard, NM
Exit 369Endee, NM
MM 372
Glenrio, NM

Interstate 40

Interstate 40

Interstate 40

Interstate 40

EXIT 999Sample City, STStreet NameNorth to THIS PLACE

Exit 1Memphis, TN

Riverside Drive / Front Street
Exit 1AMemphis, TN
2nd Street / 3rd Street (SR 3 / SR 14)
Exit 1BMemphis, TNUS 51 (Danny Thomas Boulevard, SR 1)
Exit 1EMemphis, TN I-240 South / Madison Avenue 
Exit 1FMemphis, TN

SR 14 (Jackson Avenue)
Exit 2Memphis, TN
Exit 2AMemphis, TN
Exit 3Memphis, TN
Exit 5Memphis, TN
Exit 6Memphis, TN
Exit 8Memphis, TN
Exit 10Memphis, TN
Exit 12AMemphis, TN
Exit 10AMemphis, TN
Exit 12BMemphis, TN
Exit 12Memphis, TN
Exit 14Memphis, TN
Exit 15Memphis, TN
Exit 16Memphis, TN
Exit 18Bartlett, TN
Exit 20Lakeland, TN
Exit 24Arlington, TN
Exit 25Arlington, TN
Exit 28
Exit 35
Exit 42
Exit 47
Exit 52
Exit 56Brownsville, TN
Exit 60
Exit 66
Exit 68
Exit 74
Exit 76Jackson, TN
Exit 79Jackson, TN
Exit 80Jackson, TN
Exit 82Jackson, TN
Exit 83Jackson, TN
Exit 85Jackson, TN
Exit 87
Exit 93
Exit 101
Exit 108Parkers Crossroads, TN
Exit 116
Exit 126
Exit 133
Exit 137
Exit 143
Exit 148
Exit 152Bucksnort, TN
Exit 163
Exit 172Dickson, TN
Exit 176
Exit 182
Exit 188Kingston Springs, TN
Exit 192Nashville, TN
Exit 196Nashville, TN
Exit 199Nashville, TN
Exit 201Nashville, TN
Exit 204Nashville, TN
Exit 205Nashville, TN
Exit 206Nashville, TN
Exit 207Nashville, TN
Exit 208Nashville, TN
Exit 209Nashville, TN
Exit 209ANashville, TN
Exit 209BNashville, TN
Exit 210Nashville, TN
Exit 210CNashville, TN
Exit 211BNashville, TN
Exit 212Nashville, TN
Exit 213ANashville, TN
Exit 213Nashville, TN
Exit 215Nashville, TN
Exit 216ANashville, TN
Exit 216BNashville, TN
Exit 216CNashville, TN
Exit 219Nashville, TN
Exit 221ANashville, TN
Exit 221BNashville, TN
Exit 226Mt. Juliet, TN
Exit 229Mt. Juliet, TN
Exit 232Lebanon, TN
Exit 235Lebanon, TN
Exit 236Lebanon, TN
Exit 238Lebanon, TN
Exit 239Lebanon, TN
Exit 245
Exit 254
Exit 258Gordonsville, TN
Exit 268
Exit 273
Exit 276
Exit 280Baxter, TN
Exit 283Cookeville, TN
Exit 286Cookeville, TN
Exit 287Cookeville, TN
Exit 288Cookeville, TN
Exit 290Cookeville, TN
Exit 300Monterey, TN
Exit 301Monterey, TN
Exit 311
Exit 317Crossville, TNUS Hwy 127 North to Clarkrange, TN (18mi)

North to Jamestown, TN (36mi)

North to Kentucky State Line
South to Pikeville, TN

South to Dunlap, TN
Exit 320Crossville, TN
SR 298 Genesis Road
Exit 322Crossville, TNSR 101 Peavine Road North to Fairfield Glade, TN
Exit 329Crab Orchard, TN
Exit 338
Exit 340
Exit 347Harriman, TN
Exit 350Harriman, TN
Exit 352Kingston, TN
Exit 355Kingston, TN
Exit 356Kingston, TN
Exit 360
Exit 362
Exit 364Lenoir City, TN
Exit 368
Exit 369
Exit 373Farragut, TN
Exit 374Knoxville, TN
Exit 376Knoxville, TN
Exit 378Knoxville, TN
Exit 379Knoxville, TN
Exit 379AKnoxville, TN
Exit 380Knoxville, TN
Exit 383Knoxville, TN
Exit 385Knoxville, TN
Exit 386AKnoxville, TN
Exit 386BKnoxville, TN
Exit 387Knoxville, TN
Exit 387AKnoxville, TN
Exit 388Knoxville, TN
Exit 388AKnoxville, TN
Exit 389Knoxville, TN
Exit 390Knoxville, TN
Exit 392Knoxville, TN
Exit 393Knoxville, TN
Exit 394Knoxville, TN
Exit 398Knoxville, TN
Exit 402Knoxville, TN
Exit 407Sevierville, TN
Exit 412
Exit 415
Exit 417Dandridge, TN
Exit 421
Exit 424
Exit 432ANewport, TN
Exit 432BNewport, TN
Exit 440
Exit 443
Exit 447
Exit 451

Interstate 40
North Carolina