American Eagle Foundation: Birds of Prey Event – Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area Crossville Visitor Center – Crossville, Tennessee – 03/14/2015

The American Eagle Foundation out of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is an education, advocacy, and support group that works tirelessly to protect Bald Eagles and other Birds of Prey.

They maintain a permanent exhibit of majestic, but unreleasable birds at Dollywood Theme Park, also located in Pigeon Forge. Any day you are at Dollywood, you can visit these stunning birds at Eagle Mountain Sanctuary.

From March to October, AEF host an informative and interactive performance at Dollywood known as the Wings of America Birds of Prey Show.

On this particular day, these passionate avian heroes descended upon the Big South Fork NRRA Crossville Visitor Center in Crossville, TN to give us all an absolute treat of an experience with their permanent resident collection!

Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Vultures, and Owls…

Each feathered friend has such a unique personality!

Big or small, they are all a sight to behold!