Apple Season in North Georgia: Red Apple Barn – Ellijay, Georgia – 11/12/2021

The first stop on our 2021 Apple Season in North Georgia Excursion was to Red Apple Barn.

Red Apple Barn is on the Northwest side of Ellijay, where the greatest concentration of Apple Houses and Orchards tend to fall on the Southeast Side, but they boast a large, lovely property with lots of family-friendly fall activities!

The purpose of our trip was primarily to buy pumpkins and apples for cooking and baking, so we’re too late in the season to experience any of the Fall Festivities first hand. But, we’d recommend checking out their website and Facebook page for all the information for next fall!

The Apple House here sells at least a dozen different kinds of apples, so there are plenty of varietals to explore!

The gift shop also sells a range of local and regional products, such as juices, ciders, sauces, candies, and more.

The gentleman onsite really knows his stuff.

We had a lengthy conversation sharing recipes, holiday ideas, and general cooking tips for making the most out of our fall bounty!

You can’t tell in the photo, but these pumpkins are MASSIVE!

We purchased a couple of each kind of apple, and if you follow along with our entire Apple Excursion, you will see just how many we ended up with after exploring The Best Apple Houses of Ellijay Georgia.

Then, we take them home to do Apple Tastings, where we compare size, color, skin, consistency, and, of course FLAVOR, as we decide our FAVORITES!

And then, after that, WE COOK!

And then,

We Eat!

Our Loot from Red Apple Barn:


Honey Crisp

Golden Delicious

Red Delicious


Pink Lady





And 6 pumpkins, in 2 different kinds!

Four GIANT orange ones, and two bluish green heirloom variety.

Red Apple Barn

3379 Tails Creek Road
Ellijay, Georgia 30540
Open August – December
Red Apple Barn on Facebook

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