Decoration Day at Blue Heron Mining Community – Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area – Stearns, Kentucky – 05/07/2016

The Blue Heron Mining Community is a former coal town along the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River in McCreary County, Kentucky. It is part of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

Today, we joined the community in celebrating Decoration Day.

On this day, park visitors, as well as the families that once lived and worked in the Stearns Coal Mining Communities, come together for an afternoon of fellowship and remembrance.

History, live music, story-telling, demonstrations, food, and lots of kid-friendly activities help interpret the history of the folks that called this area home.

We’ve earned Big South Fork Junior Ranger Badges many times.

And this is one of the 3 that Ribby earned in this park!

It was so much fun!

And she was so proud of herself taking the Junior Ranger Pledge!