Ah Mah & Son Asian Eatery – Crossville, Tennessee – 03/15/2019

I’ve been seeing posts from Ah Mah & Son Asian Eatery on Facebook for a few weeks now.

On our way through Crossville this afternoon, I decided to quench that craving for Thai Tea I’ve had for a few weeks now…

Are those two conditions merely a coincidence?

Probably not!

We had a Thai Tea and a Milk Tea, and added Tapioca Boba to each.

The Thai Tea, according to their VERY tempting Facebook post, includes notes of vanilla and star anise. Oh, it was SOOO delicious! The first time I had Thai Tea was in Valdez, Alaska this past summer, and it was love at first taste bad tickle. But, most of the ones I’ve had since haven’t had quite the same flavor notes. However, this cup took me right back to Valdez, and the moment I decided Thai Tea was phenomenal! I was a pretty happy camper!

The Milk Tea has deeper, spicier notes, and is described as a signature red tea blend with milk. One compared to the other, I have a personal preference for the Thai Tea; but this one definitely stands proudly on its own as a solid choice! Either one makes for a joyful drinking experience!

Also worth mentioning, their tapioca pearls are probably the best I’ve ever had. Some boba can have a great consistency, yet not really provide much of their own taste. These pearls, however, made with brown sugar and molasses, are indeed little pops of joy with every mouthful! Their exquisitely sweet taste really brings these teas to life!

I really only planned on grabbing a few drinks for the trek back to Georgia, but the food smelled SOOOO good, I didn’t hesitate to throw a Pad Thai Combo with Chicken, Steak, and Shrimp on our order.

The noodles were great; each of the meats were grilled to perfection; and all of the flavors came together for the ideal lunch!

Both the food and drinks were ready SUPER fast, and the girl behind the counter was very sweet and helpful.

This will DEFINITELY be our Boba Tea Go-To in the Crossville area. We’ve been getting our Upper Cumberland Boba Fix from Crepe and Crème in Cookeville; and that place is REALLY awesome as well. But, Crossville is even closer to the Tennessee house, and on our route back and forth between Athens and Jamestown!

Ah Mah & Sons Asian Eatery is a WIN!