Blueberry Bubble Tea with Golden Boba from Ding Tea – Suwanee, Georgia – 12/03/2020

We’ve been hitting up Ding Tea quite a bit lately.

And for good reason.

They have quite the selection of fruit flavored milk teas, and their golden boba is a slightly more unique choice than the regular tapioca boba I usually order from other places.

The girls have started experimenting more with different jellies and other add-ins for their teas; but at this point, I still like the chewy goodness of boba.

Of all my favorite flavors, though, the Blueberry Milk Tea from Ding Tea ranks pretty high upon that list.

In most places, I still like trying new and unique things. And I’m still working my way through trying the myriad of flavors available at Ding Tea.

But the Blueberry is the one I always find myself craving, and it’s a quick easy go-to choice when just running in to grab a Bubble Tea to go.

This particular location of Ding Tea in Suwanee is pretty cool because it has its own Drive-Thru.

Can’t get much easier than that!

We also love the Ding Tea Duluth location!

And they even have a Ding Tea Athens now, too!

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