Road Trip Teacher

Road Trip Teacher Road Trip Teacher is an educational resource developed for families on the road who want to take their kids on a learning road trip. It is designed to be used by anyone who wants to learn about a destination in the USA. Whether you are on a day trip, a weekend destination or are living full-time on the road, Road Trip Teacher has products to keep you learning one mile at a time. Unit studies are written, edited and published by Road Trip Teacher as destinations are traveled by Mary Beth Goff and her family of 6….

Following the River’s Current And Other Short Stories – Andrew Aughenbaugh

Following the River’s Current and Other Short Stories Andrew Aughenbaugh While in Alaska and Western Canada this past summer, the kids and I went through our fair share of tires! In about 6 months of adventuring, we had to deal with 19 flats! Now, most of the time, I can manage changing a tire and mounting the spare myself with no problem. But one morning, deep in the heart of some of the roughest Alaskan interior you could fathom, we were panning for gold in the Fortymile River Region, North of Chicken, and South of Eagle… With nary a fellow…