Tea Party Hard: 13 Pc Wooden Tea Set Toy with Tea Pot, Carrying Tray, Teacups and Cupcakes

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13 pieces: Realistic complete tea set with a detachable tea pot; cups; play spoons; cupcakes, biscuits, carrying trays

Your little ones will get hours of entertainment pretending to make pretend meals for tea time. The appliances really operate for an immersive experience.

The appliances and the pretend play food have passed rigorous safety standards. They are non-toxic, ABS Free. They will hold up to abuse and last a long time.

Set the table for an afternoon of skill-building with this tea set. This colorful tea set helps kids learn fundamental skills including shape recognition, sorting, and sequencing every time they host a pretend tea party. The set is ready to serve up plenty of imaginary cups of tea decorated with brightly colored shapes!

Figuring out how things work is one of the best parts of play. Simple challenges to more challenging ones can help in this area. Thinking Skills are mental processes we use to do things like: solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, construct plans, evaluate ideas, organize information and create objects.

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