A Little Late Night Chicago Deep Dish at Giordano’s Pizza! – Chicago, Illinois – 07/05/2022

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On our constant quest to find the Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago, we keep coming back to two pizzerias in particular.

One is Connie’s Pizza.

The other is Giordano’s.

It is our opinion, thus far, that Connie’s Pizza offers the best crust.

And Giordano’s cheese is absolutely unparalleled!

Strangely enough, not too many Chicago pizza places are open late. So, when we are “just passing through” the Chicagoland vicinity, Giordano’s in Millennium Park tends to be open the longest; and it makes a pretty convenient stop for us to grab a pie and keep rolling.

Just remember, if you do the same, it takes at least 45 minutes for the restaurant to make a deep dish pizza. And, bear in mind, there will also be other customers placing orders. So, I always recommend calling in your order about 2 hours ahead of time, and scheduling your pick up time accordingly.

Then, voila, run in, grab your pie!

And enjoy Midnight in the City!

Deep dish style!

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