NWR: Junior Ranger Badges and Other Educational Programs Available in Over 560 National Wildlife Refuges!

Click HERE for a List of Over 560 National Wildlife Refuges By State!

There are many educational resources and programs available through the National Wildlife Refuge System as administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Some are very similar to the collection of National Park Service Junior Ranger Badge Programs.

Many National Wildlife Refuges have their own Junior Ranger, Junior Wildlife Ranger, and/or Junior Refuge Manager Programs. Be sure to ask a Ranger or Refuge employee if they have a Badge Program when you arrive!

Many National Wildlife Refuges also have other downloadable programs you can print and complete at home.

Some printable programs are just for fun. Certain Refuge locations may issue real badges through the mail. Other Refuges may require an in-person visit to award actual badges.

Your best best is to directly contact each individual Refuge for their current policies and badge availability.

Many NWR Visitor Centers will also have other assorted educational materials you can pick up while visiting the Refuge.

Wildlife Checklists, scavenger hunts, species information, hiking trails, and lots of other fun ideas!

Another GREAT tool for keeping kids interested in visiting National Wildlife Refuges is the Blue Goose Passport Program!

Also similar to the National Park Service Cancellation Stamp Program, you can collect a stamp in the Visitor Center at almost all of the 566+ National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Centers!

The Blue Goose Passport Book is a fun place to collect all those stamps, and it gives you a little information on the location and purpose of each NWR unit!

Here, we are providing a few links to some of these programs and materials.

Whether you are visiting a local Wildlife Refuge, traveling to explore different habitats and protected species, or simply learning about nature from the comfort of your own home, we hope some of these tools may help add value to your homeschool or roadschool experience!

And let us know if you have any favorites, or suggestions for resources we don’t have listed!


List of National Wildlife Refuges By State

Blue Goose Passport Program

FREE Downloadable Educational Resources!

Junior Ranger Programs

Let’s Go Fishing Junior Ranger Book

Let’s Go Fishing Junior Ranger Badge

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Junior Refuge Ranger Program

Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Wildlife Ranger Booklet

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Oasis in the Desert
Junior Ranger Adventure Booklet

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay Alviso National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Refuge Ranger Adventure Booklet

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay Fremont National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Refuge Ranger Adventure Booklet

Joaquin Miller Park
Junior Wildlife Ranger Activity Booklet

Rappahannock National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Wildlife Ranger Activity Booklet

San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Wildlife Ranger
Ridgeway’s Rail Adventure Book

Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Wildlife Ranger Activity Booklet

Junior Refuge Ranger of Southern Nevada

Guardabosques junior de refugios del sur de Nevada

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Junior Ranger Activity Book

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Junior Ranger Coloring Book

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Wildlife Ranger Nature Journal

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
Junior Birder Activity Booklet

DeSoto Junior Refuge Manager

Montezuma Junior Refuge Manager
Ages 5 – 7

Montezuma Junior Refuge Manager
Ages 8 – 10

Montezuma Junior Refuge Manager
Ages 11+

Assorted FREE Downloadable Materials!

Junior Duck Stamp Conservation Education Curriculum

Federal Junior Duck Stamp Curriculum Educator Guide

Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program Homeschool Guide

Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program Nonformal Education Guide

Ducks at a Distance: Waterfowl Online Identification Guide

Junior Duck Stamp Contest Information

Find Your Way to the National Wildlife Refuge System Coloring Book!


Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
Albert’s Refuge Adventure Coloring Book

Pollinators of Alaska Coloring Book

Meet Some Wildlife Champs Coloring Book

Conoce sobre la vida silvestre libro para colorear

Into the Wilderness Coloring Book

Colorear del Sistema Nacional de Refugios de Vida

The Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Coloring Book

ABC’s of Fishing Coloring Book

All About Alligators Activity Book (English / Espanol)

Saving Sea Turtles! (English / Espanol)

Snowy Plovers on the Beach Coloring Book

Endangered Species Coloring Book

Alligator Activity Book

Manatee Activity Book

Freshwater Mussel Activity Book

Even More Absolutely FREE Downloadable Materials!

Young Angler Activity Packet

Pond Science Activity Packet

Birding Basics Activity Packet

Wetland Connections Activity Packet

Pond Insect Investigation Activity Packet

Nature Through the Seasons Activity Packet

Forests Are More Than Trees Activity Packet

Bugs Don’t Bug Me Coloring Book

Birding Basics Bird Guide & Checklist

Key to Life in the Pond Chart

Birds of Sacramento Checklist

Birds of Sacramento Bird Talk Activity Pack

Birds of Sacramento Word Search

Birds of Sacramento Maze

The Cornell Lab Feathered Friends

California’s Riparian Wild YouTube Video

Bird Migration YouTube Video

Point Blue Conservation Science Nest Coloring Pages

Winter Wildlife Signs Scavenger Hunt

My Animal Signs Field Guide

Camouflaged Critters

Junior Wildlife Ranger Online Program

Look Who’s Flying! Learning About Ospreys

Kids’ Coastal Activity Book

Birds and Their Eggs



Underwater Food Chain

Marinelife Word Search

Monarch Life Cycle

Climate Change and Wildlife Word Search

Marine Biologist Word Game

Florida & The Caribbean Activity Guide

The Compass to Nature – Teaching in the Outdoor Classroom Guide for Educators **

Monarch Butterfly: Royal Mail Curriculum Manual

Monarch Migration Maze

California Plants Coloring Book

Plants From the Aspen Forest Coloring Book

Wildlfowers of the Colorado Mountain Tops Coloring Book

Wildflowers of Ponderosa Pine Forests Coloring Book

Celebrate Wildflowers of Southwest Idaho Coloring Book

Wildflowers of the Western US Coloring Book

Color 44 Different Wildflowers!

Wildflowers Color-By-Numbers Coloring Pages

Noxious Weeds Coloring Pages

Wildflower Vocabulary Words

State Wildflower Guide

Fish and Aquatic Conservation Word Puzzles Package

Migratory Bird Coloring Book

Shorebirds Migratory Superheros

Wildflower Teacher Resources

Wildflowers At-Home Activities

Non-Native Invasive Species Learning Kits

Conservation Connect Online Video Collection
Teacher Toolboxes & Educational Activities

Conservation Connect Online Video Series

Archived Episodes

Educational Toolboxes

Word Searches

Answer Keys

Word search puzzle pages.


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Plant of the Week

Read more about our Plant of the Week…

Online Video Resources

US Fish & Wildlife Video Resources

Refuge Bird Cams

Most web cameras operate only seasonally and weather-permitting

Eagle Cam – Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (MD)

Osprey Cam – Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (MD)

Puffin Cam – Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge (ME)

Condor Cam – Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge (CA)

Seabird Cam – Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge (CA)

Eagle Cam – Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge (OK)

Osprey Cam – Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge (NY)

J.N. “Ding” Darling NWR Wildlife Drive (FL)

CROW Clinic (FL)

Pink Shell Beach Resort Osprey Cam (FL)

North Fort Myers Eagle Cam (FL)

National Conservation Training Center Eagle Cam (WV)

Blackwater NWR Waterfowl Cam (MD)

Blackwater NWR Osprey Cam (MD) 

Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge Bird Cam (WI)

Richmond DGIF Falcon Cam (VA)

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