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Park NameLocation
Above All State ParkWarren, CT
Litchfield, CT
Air Line State Park TrailPortland, CT
East Hampton, CT
Colchester, CT
Hebron, CT
Columbia, CT
Lebanon, CT
Windham, CT
Chaplin, CT
Hampton, CT
Pomfret, CT
Putnam, CT
Thompson, CT
Algonquin State ForestColebrook, CT
American Legion State ForestBarkhamsted, CT
Beaver Brook State ParkChaplin, CT
Windham, CT
Becket Hill State ParkOld Lyme, CT
Beckley Furnace State ParkNorth Canaan, CT
Bennett’s Ponds State ParkRidgefield, CT
Bigelow Hollow State ParkUnion, CT
Black Rock State ParkWatertown, CT
Bluff Point State ParkGroton, CT
Bolton Notch State ParkBolton, CT
Brainard Homestead State ParkEast Haddam, CT
Burr Pond State ParkTorrington, CT
C.P. Huntington State ParkRedding, CT
Bethel, CT
Newtown, CT
Camp Columbia State Park / State ForestMorris, CT
Campbell Falls State ParkNorfolk, CT
Centennial State ForestFairfield, CT
Chatfield Hollow State ParkKillingworth, CT
Cockaponset State ForestHaddam, CT
Chester, CT
Connecticut Valley Railroad State ParkEssex, CT
Dart Island State ParkMiddletown, CT
Day Pond State ParkColchester, CT
Dennis Hill State ParkNorfolk, CT
Devil’s Hopyard State ParkEast Haddam, CT
Dinosaur State ParkRocky Hill, CT
Eagle Landing State ParkHaddam, CT
Enders State ForestBarkhamsted, CT
Granby, CT
Farm River State ParkEast Haven, CT
Farmington Canal Greenway State ParkCheshire, CT
Hamden, CT
Ferry Landing State ParkOld Lyme, CT
Fort Griswold State ParkGroton, CT
Fort Trumbull State ParkNew London, CT
Gardner Lake State ParkSalem, CT
Gay City State ParkHebron, CT
George Dudley Seymour State ParkHaddam, CT
George Waldo State ParkSouthbury, CT
Gillette Castle State ParkEast Haddam, CT
Green Falls State CampgroundVoluntown, CT
Haddam Island State ParkHaddam, CT
Haddam Meadows State ParkHaddam, CT
Haley Farm State ParkGroton, CT
Hammonasset Beach State ParkMadison, CT
Harkness Memorial State ParkWaterford, CT
Haystack Mountain State ParkNorfolk, CT
Higganum Reservoir State ParkHigganum, CT
Hop River State ParkAndover, CT
Bolton, CT
Columbia, CT
Coventry, CT
Manchester, CT
Vernon, CT
Hopemead State ParkBozrah, CT
Montville, CT
Hopeville Pond State ParkGriswold, CT
Horse Guard State ParkAvon, CT
Housatonic  Meadows State Park / State ForestSharon, CT
Humaston Brook State ParkLitchfield, CT
Hurd State ParkEast Hampton, CT
Indian Well State ParkShelton, CT
J.A. Minetto State ParkTorrington, CT
James L Goodwin State Forests ForestHampton, CT
Kent Falls State ParkKent, CT
Kettletown State ParkSouthbury, CT
Killingly Pond State ParkKillingly, CT
Lake Waramaug State ParkKent, CT
Lamentation Mountain State ParkBerlin, CT
Larkin State Park TrailSouthbury, CT
Naugatuck, CT
Oxford, CT
Middlebury, CT
Lovers Leap State ParkNew Milford, CT
Macedonia Brook State ParkKent, CT
Machimoodus State ParkEast Haddam, CT
Mansfield Hollow State ParkMansfield, CT
Mashamoquet State ParkPomfret, CT
Massacoe State ForestSimsbury, CT
Canton, CT
Mattatuck State ForestHarwinton, CT
Litchfield, CT
Plymouth, CT
Thomaston, CT
Waterbury, CT
Watertown, CT
Meshomasic State ForestEast Hampton, CT
Glastonbury, CT
Portland, CT
Mianus River State ParkStamford, CT
Millers Pond State ParkHaddam, CT
Minnie Island State ParkBozrah, CT
Montville, CT
Mohawk State Forest/ Mohawk Mountain State ParkCornwall, CT
Goshen, CT
Mohegan State ForestScotland, CT
Mono Pond State ParkColumbia, CT
Mooween State ParkLebanon, CT
Mount Bushnell State ParkWashington, CT
Mount Riga State ParkSalisbury, CT
Mount Tom State ParkLitchfield, CT
Nassahegon State ForestBurlington, CT
Natchaug State ForestEastford, CT
Nathan Hale State ForestAndover, CT
Coventry, CT
Naugatuck State ForestNaugatuck, CT
Oxford, CT
Beacon Falls, CT
Nehantic State ForestLyme, CT
Nepaug State ForestNew Hartford, CT
Nipmuck State ForestUnion, CT
Nye-Holman State ForestTolland, CT
Old Furnace State ParkKillingly, CT
Osbornedale State ParkDerby, CT
Pachaug State ForestVoluntown, CT
Pattaconk Lake Recreation AreaChester, CT
Haddam, CT
Paugnut State ForestTorrington, CT
Winchester, CT
Paugussett State ForestNewtown, CT
Penwood State ParkBloomfield, CT
Peoples State ForestBarkhamsted, CT
Platt Hill State ParkWinchester, CT
Pomeroy State ParkLebanon, CT
Pootatuck State ForestNew Fairfield, CT
Putnam Memorial State ParkRedding, CT
Quaddick State ParkThompson, CT
Quaddick State ForestThompson, CT
Quinebaug Lake State ParkKillingly, CT
Quinnipiac River State ParkNorth Haven, CT
River Highlands State ParkCromwell, CT
Rocky Glen State ParkNewtown, CT
Rocky Neck State ParkEast Lyme, CT
Ross Pond State ParkKillingly, CT
S.L. Pierrepont State ParkRidgefield, CT
Salmon River Sate ForestColchester, CT
Salt Rock State CampgroundSprague, CT
Satan’s Kingdom State ParkNew Hartford, CT
Scantic River State ParkEnfield, CT
East Windsor, CT
Somers, CT
Selden Neck State ParkLyme, CT
Shenipsit State ForestStafford, CT
Somers, CT
Ellington, CT
Sherwood Island State ParkWestport, CT
Silver Sands State ParkMilford, CT
Sleeping Giant State ParkHamden, CT
Southford Falls State ParkSouthbury, CT
Squantz Pond State ParkNew Fairfield, CT
Stillwater Pond State ParkTorrington, CT
Stoddard Hill State ParkLedyard, CT
Stratton Brook State ParkSimsbury, CT
Sunnybrook State ParkTorrington, CT
Sunrise State ParkEast Haddam, CT
Talcott Mountain State ParkSimsbury, CT
Topsmead State ForestLitchfield, CT
Tri-Mountain State ParkDurham, CT
Wallingford, CT
Trout Brook Valley State ParkEaston, CT
Tunxis State ForestGranby, CT
Barkhamsted, CT
Hartland, CT
Wadsworth Falls State ParkMiddlefield
West Rock Ridge State ParkHamden
New Haven
Wharton Brook State ParkWallingford, CT
Whittemore Glen State ParkNaugatuck, CT
Middlebury, CT
Windsor Locks Canal State ParkWindsor Locks, CT
Windsor Meadows State ParkWindsor, CT
Wooster Mountain State ParkDanbury, CT
Wyantenock State ForestCornwall, CT

Connecticut Endangered and Threatened Species Fact Sheets

Endangered Mammals

Least Shrew       (PDF)

Endangered Birds

American Bittern                   (PDF)
Barn Owl                              (PDF)
Common Moorhen               (PDF)
Grasshopper Sparrow         (PDF)
King Rail  (PDF)
Long-eared Owl                  (PDF)
Northern Harrier                  (PDF)
Pied-billed Grebe                (PDF)
Red-headed Woodpecker      (PDF)
Roseate Tern                      (PDF)
Sedge Wren                       (PDF)
Sharp-shinned Hawk         (PDF)
Upland Sandpiper             (PDF)
Vesper Sparrow                 (PDF)
Yellow-breasted Chat         (PDF)

Endangered Reptiles

Bog Turtle                                  (PDF)
Atlantic Ridley Sea Turtle          (PDF)
Leatherback Sea Turtle              (PDF)
Timber Rattlesnake                    (PDF)

Endangered Amphibians

Blue-spotted Salamander      (PDF)
Eastern Spadefoot                  (PDF)

Endangered Invertebrates

Puritan Tiger Beetle        (PDF)

Threatened Birds

Bald Eagle                  (PDF)
Great Egret                (PDF)
Least Bittern               (PDF)
Least Tern                   (PDF)
Peregrine Falcon         (PDF)
Piping Plover               (PDF)
Short-eared Owl          (PDF)
Snowy Egret                (PDF)

Threatened Reptiles

Atlantic Green Sea Turtle            (PDF)
Five-lined Skink                            (PDF)
Loggerhead Sea Turtle                (PDF)

Threatened Amphibians

Northern Slimy Salamander            (PDF)
Northern Spring Salamander          (PDF)

Special Concern Birds

Purple Martin  (PDF)

Special Concern Reptiles

Common Ribbonsnake                     (PDF)
Eastern Box Turtle                            (PDF)
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake               (PDF)
Northern Diamondback Terrapin    (PDF)
Spotted Turtle                                   (PDF)
Wood Turtle                                      (PDF)

Special Concern Amphibians

Blue-spotted Salamander       (PDF)
Jefferson Salamander               (PDF)
Mudpuppy                                    (PDF)


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