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Colorado State Parks

Park NameLocation
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation AreaSalida, CO
Barr Lake State ParkBrighton, CO
Boyd Lake State ParkLoveland, CO
Castlewood Canyon State ParkFranktown, CO
Chatfield State ParkLittleton, CO
Cherry Creek State ParkAurora, CO
Cheyenne Mountain State ParkColorado Springs, CO
Crawford State ParkCrawford, CO
El Dorado Canyon State ParkEldorado Springs, CO
Eleven Mile State ParkLake George, CO
Elkhead State ParkCraig, CO
Golden Gate Canyon State ParkGolden, CO
Harvey Gap State ParkRifle, CO
Highline Lake State ParkLoma, CO
Jackson Lake State ParkOrchard, CO
James M. Robb – Colorado River State ParkFruita, CO
John Martin Reservoir State ParkHasty, CO
Lake Pueblo State ParkPueblo, CO
Lathrop State ParkWalsenburg, CO
Lone Mesa State ParkEgnar, CO
Lory State ParkBellvue, CO
Mancos State ParkMancos, CO
Mueller State ParkDivide, CO
Navajo State ParkArboles, CO
North Sterling State ParkSterling, CO
Paonia State ParkCrawford, CO
Pearl Lake State ParkClark, CO
Ridgway State ParkRidgway, CO
Rifle Falls State ParkRifle, CO
Rifle Gap State ParkRifle, CO
Roxborough State ParkLittleton, CO
Spinney Mountain State ParkLake George, CO
St. Vrain State ParkFirestone, CO
Stagecoach State ParkOak Creek, CO
State Forest State ParkWalden, CO
Staunton State ParkPine, CO
Steamboat Lake State ParkClark, CO
Sweitzer Lake State ParkDelta, CO
Sylvan Lake State ParkEagle, CO
Trinidad Lake State ParkTrinidad, CO
Vega State ParkCollbran, CO
Yampa River State ParkHayden, CO



​PK-Grade1Grade2-Grade5Middle School
Abert’s SquirrelAbert’s SquirrelAbert’s Squirrel’s
American DipperAmerican DipperAmerican Dipper
Boreal ToadAmphibiansAmphibians
Bald EagleBald EagleBald Eagle
Barn OwlsBarn OwlsBarn Owls
Black-footed FerretBlack-footed FerretBlack-footed Ferret
Bighorn SheepBighorn SheepBighorn Sheep
Black BearsBlack Bears
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Burrowing OwlsBurrowing OwlsBurrowing Owls
Collared LizardCollared LizardCollared Lizard
Cutthroat Trout
Great Blue HeronGreat Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron
Great Horned OwlGreat Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl
Humpback ChubHumpback ChubHumpback Chub
Lake Trout
Lark BuntingLark BuntingLark Bunting
Leopard FrogLeopard FrogLeopard Frog
Mountain BluebirdsMountain BluebirdsMountain Bluebirds
Mountain GoatsMountain GoatsMountain Goats
Mountain LionMountain LionMountain Lion
Mountain PloverMountain PloverMountain Plover
Prairie DogsPra​irie DogsPrairie Dogs
Tiger Salamander
Western Hognose SnakeWestern Hognose SnakeWestern Hognose Snake
Western Painted TurtleWestern Painted TurtleWestern Painted Turtle
Wildlife Babies​ – FawnWildlife BabiesWildlife Babies
Wildlife Babies – Raccoons

Family Activities Backpacks

​​​​​​​​​​Check Out a Pass and Backpack at Colorado Libraries​

​This program is a partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, State Library, local library systems, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It is meant to encourage Coloradans to visit our State Parks and experience all of the great outdoor recreation that this state has to offer.​

​​Learn more about the Library Backpack Program​.​

Discover our Family Activity Backpacks that visitors can check out at select parks for their journey along the trail. These packs help turn an ordinary hike into a learning adventure in nature! The interactive packs will include: two large bug boxes, magnifiers, various guide books (covering birds, insects, wildflowers and pond or tree life depending on the park), binoculars and a nature journal.

Families can use the contents of the pack to let their imaginations soar or they can use some of the suggested activities for more structured exploration. The packs can help explorers of any age discover how fun the journey can be as they delve in for a closer look of the great outdoors.

Activity packs may be checked-out at the park visitor centers or office for day use and returned before heading home or back to the campsite.

You can find activity packs at these state parks:

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