Presidential Resources: James Monroe: A Captivating Guide to the Founding Father Who Served as the Fifth President of the United States (Captivating History)

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Explore the Captivating Life of James Monroe

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From plantation owner to diplomat to U.S. President, James Monroe was known for his tenacity in pursuing what he thought was right, while also being honored for his fair policies, such as the Monroe Doctrine and policies to develop the country’s infrastructure. These traits were recognized in 1816, when the West African country of Liberia, changed its name to Monrovia, in honor of James Monroe. It serves as the only international capital named after a U.S. President, and only one of two capitals in the world named after a U.S. President—the other being Washington, D.C.

This captivating history book covers topics such as:

  • His Early Years
  • The Revolutionary War
  • Early Political Career and Family Life
  • Ambassador to France
  • James Monroe: Slave Owner
  • The Governorship & Return to France
  • The War of 1812
  • The Fifth President
  • First Presidential Tour
  • Second Presidential Tour
  • The Era of Good Feelings Challenged
  • Reelection and Building the Country
  • Post Presidency
  • And much more!

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