Why Fort Smith, Arkansas?

Fort Smith, Arkansas might not hit you immediately as a “Top Destination” to explore, but it was at the VERY top of our destinations for this trip!

Why Fort Smith?

An urban revitalization project that began in 2015, known as The Unexpected, has turned downtown Fort Smith into a very elite, world-class Street Art Destination!

About 20 minutes south of Interstate 40 in westernmost Arkansas, Fort Smith is chock full of unique history, as well as super-modern Street Art GEMS!

Once known as the Westernmost outpost of the US, and the Easternmost edge of the American Frontier, Fort Smith was home to a bulk of the US Marshall Services, as well as the 19th Century Judicial System attempting to govern the “Wild West.”

Today, you can explore courtrooms, old jails, and other tributes to those that dedicated their lives to keeping the Western US safe by visiting the Fort Smith National Historic Site.

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