Gone Fishin'! – Dry Tortugas National Park – Dry Tortugas, Florida – 09/12/2011

Spending our days frolicking in the clear waters and exploring the marinelife was definitely the collectively preferred way to enjoy our time here!

If you are brave enough to venture out, lots of unique corals and bright, colorful fish can be viewed around the submerged areas of the fort walls.

But, you don’t even have to venture too far from shore to enjoy countless species of fish of all sizes, and other aquatic life!

Observing several different levels of the marine food chain in action was fascinating. All those poor little fish, swimming in their school for safety in numbers, but nonetheless, still becoming an easily accessible meal for shore birds and larger fish.

And check out this Ghost Crab! He was all kinds of awesome, too!


Now that I know better, I just want you to know:

Puddle Jumpers are NOT safe!

Water Wings, Arm Floaties, Puddle Jumpers…

They may be fun, and colorful…

But they lure us all into a false sense of security.

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Thank you.

Much Love.