Caliber Coffee Co. – Donelson, Tennessee – 06/20/2019

Some coffee shops are just shops that sell coffee.

And then there is Caliber Coffee Co. in East Nashville / Donelson.

Caliber is the sweetest, kindest, most awesome coffee shop I have yet to find along our journeys.

In the lobby, they collect items to donate to the less fortunate.

Inside, they have a Shot of Grace “Pay-it-Forward” Board, where, if you are feeling generous, you can pre-pay for a cup of coffee and leave your kindness there for the person that needs it.

Or, you know, if you’re in need of a little encouragement, maybe someone has left a little something just for you.

Their building is hand-painted awesomeness.

And even their billboard outside contained messages of empowerment for all passersby to see.

On our first visit, Trillian ordered a Butterbeer Latte, and I went with their take on my favorite flavor, the Liv Lav Love.

And, of course, the drinks were as delicious as Caliber is AWESOME!