For the Love of Cranberries! – Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center – Warrens, Wisconsin – 05/17/2018

This is the kind of place I live for!

Just some random sign or brochure you happen to see while doing something else…

And you go check it out!

And you learn some cool stuff!

And you get to eat cool stuff!

The Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center is just a hair off the beaten path, but well worth the very slight detour!

Inside this quaint little history museum, you can learn all about the fascinating Wisconsin cranberry industry!

And the gift shop is absolutely loaded with EVERYTHING cranberry you could possibly think to try!

Cranberries, candy, coffee, honey, jelly, sauces, salsas, syrups, teas, wine…

Bath bombs, salts, oils


In ALL the cranberry-inspired flavors!

Cranberry Orange Dreamsicle

Cranberry Rockin’ Chocolate

Cranberry Truffle

Cranberry Supreme

Cranberry Cheesecake

Alice N’ Cranberry

Whoa! We definitely had to try a scoop of each!

And for the take home,

We chose Orange Cranberry Wine, Cranberry Creme Coffee, and Cranberry Jelly!

Now, that’s what I call HOMEWORK!

In all seriousness, we all love learning about an area’s local agriculture and supporting its respective economy.

And we just happen to LOVE cranberries, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Thanks, Wisconsin!

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