Birmingham Zoo – Birmingham, Alabama

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The Birmingham Zoo is an adventure through tons of amazing species! It is home to animals such as red pandas, lions, giraffes, orangutans, rhinos, bears, elephants, sea lions, zebras, a jaguar, a hippo and many more!

From Trails of Africa to the Children’s Zoo and everything in-between, the Birmingham Zoo features animals from all over the world, with signage highlighting the Zoo’s amazing animal care, conservation initiatives, and Species Survival Plans.

With approximately 700 animals of 200 species and endangered species from six continents, the Birmingham Zoo’s 122-acre site is the perfect place to visit any time of the year!

Check out the amazing collection below!


  • Virginia opossum
  • Brush-tailed rat-kangaroo
  • Lesser Madagascar hedgehog tenrec
  • African elephant
  • Southern three-banded armadillo
  • Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth
  • Giant anteater
  • Crowned lemur
  • Ring-tailed lemur
  • Cotton-top tamarin
  • Common squirrel monkey
  • Black howler
  • Black-handed spider monkey
  • De Brazza’s monkey
  • Lar gibbon
  • Sumatran orangutan
  • Prevost’s squirrel
  • Woodchuck
  • Naked mole-rat
  • Cape porcupine
  • Sand cat
  • Black-footed cat
  • Wild cat
  • Serval
  • Bobcat
  • Pallas’s cat
  • Fishing cat
  • Lion
  • Jaguar
  • Coyote
  • Grey fox
  • Red fox
  • Fennec fox
  • North American black bear
  • California sea lion
  • North American river otter
  • Giant otter
  • Ferret
  • Striped skunk
  • White-nosed coati
  • Red panda
  • Plains zebra
  • White rhinoceros
  • Red River hog
  • Guinea hog
  • Hippopotamus
  • Giraffe
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Red-flanked duiker
  • Yellow-backed duiker
  • Blue duiker


  • Common ostrich
  • Elegant crested tinamou
  • Southern cassowary
  • Helmeted guineafowl
  • Wild turkey
  • Bamboo partridge
  • Red junglefowl
  • Southern screamer
  • Black-necked swan
  • Mute swan
  • Marbled teal
  • African pygmy goose
  • Ruddy duck
  • American flamingo
  • Nicobar pigeon
  • Pied imperial pigeon
  • Victoria crowned pigeon
  • Pheasant pigeon
  • Black-naped fruit-dove
  • Beautiful fruit dove
  • Jambu fruit-dove
  • White-throated ground-dove
  • Tawny frogmouth
  • Lady Ross’ turaco
  • Roadrunner
  • Kori bustard
  • Buff-crested bustard
  • Sunbittern
  • Buff-banded rail
  • Black crowned-crane
  • White-naped crane
  • Sandhill crane
  • Red-crowned crane
  • Blue crane
  • Wood stork
  • White stork
  • Roseate spoonbill
  • Cape thick-knee
  • Masked lapwing
  • Blacksmith plover
  • Common barn owl
  • Eurasian eagle owl
  • Great horned owl
  • Eastern screech owl
  • Spectacled owl
  • Barred owl
  • Black vulture
  • Cinereous vulture
  • Golden eagle
  • Red-tailed hawk
  • Red-shouldered hawk
  • Harris’ hawk
  • Secretary bird
  • Speckled mousebird
  • Red-billed hornbill
  • Southern ground hornbill
  • Green woodhoopoe
  • Blue-bellied roller
  • Laughing kookaburra
  • Blue-crowned motmot
  • Green aracari
  • Chestnut-mandibled toucan
  • Bearded barbet
  • Coconut lorikeet
  • Australian rainbow lorikeet
  • Forsten’s lorikeet
  • Marigold lorikeet
  • Vasa parrot
  • Green-winged macaw
  • Sulphur-crested cockatoo
  • Blue-faced honeyeater
  • Plush-crested jay
  • White-crested laughing thrush
  • Violet-backed starling
  • Emerald starling
  • Superb starling
  • Snowy-headed robin chat
  • Red-billed leiothrix
  • White-headed buffalo weaver
  • Taveta golden weaver
  • Red-crested cardinal


  • Alligator snapping turtle
  • Box turtle
  • Eastern box turtle
  • Coahuila box turtle
  • Black-nobbed map turtle
  • Diamondback terrapin
  • Radiated tortoise
  • Aldabra giant tortoise
  • Desert tortoise
  • Gopher tortoise
  • Home’s hingeback tortoise
  • African pancake tortoise
  • Hermann’s tortoise
  • Egyptian tortoise
  • Chinese three-striped box turtle
  • Japanese pond turtle
  • Philippine sail-finned lizard
  • Green crested basilisk
  • San Esteban Island chuckwalla
  • New Caledonia giant gecko
  • Prehensile-tailed skink
  • Blue-tongued skink
  • Caiman lizard
  • Scheltopusik/glass lizard
  • Mexican beaded lizard
  • Komodo dragon/Ora
  • Woma
  • Carpet/diamond python
  • Royal/ball python
  • Boa constrictor
  • Emerald tree boa
  • Garden tree boa
  • Green anaconda
  • Baja ratsnake
  • Eastern indigo snake
  • Cave snake
  • Red-tailed ratsnake
  • Milksnake
  • Black-banded trinket snake
  • Corn snake
  • Western ratsnake
  • Rhinoceros snake
  • Eastern hognose snake
  • Copperhead
  • Cottonmouth
  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
  • Timber rattlesnake
  • American alligator


  • Asian giant toad
  • Green and black poison frog
  • Yellow-headed poison frog
  • White’s tree frog
  • African clawed frog
  • Solomon Islands leaf frog
  • African bullfrog


  • Bony fish
  • Rainbow sharkminnow
  • Black tetra
  • Neon tetra
  • Bristlenose catfish
  • Platyfish
  • Peacock eel

Insects / Invertebrates

  • Tarantula
  • Madagascar hissing cockroach
  • Honeybee

Regular Zoo Hours

Monday – Sunday 

9:00am – 5:00pm

Onsite Admission Tickets stop being sold one hour before Zoo closing.

Entry into the Zoo stops fifteen minutes before closing.

The Birmingham Zoo is home to approximately 700 animals from many continents, including many endangered species nestled on 122 acres.

See our Daily Activities page for a dates and times for various activities.



  • Thursday, April 25 – Children’s Zoo closing at 3pm
  • Sunday, April 28 – Children’s Zoo closing at 3pm

Holidays The Birmingham Zoo is open 363 days of the year, the following holidays are observed:

  • Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • Christmas Eve EARLY CLOSING at 1:00pm on Tuesday, December 24, 2019
  • Christmas Day on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

GENERAL ADMISSION *Prices listed are not including tax.

  • Adults  $17
  • Children 2 – 12 years old  $12
  • Senior Citizens 65 years+  $14
  • Military  $14  – Active/Retired/Veteran/Reserve Military includes spouses and dependents –  must show military ID and spouse/dependent ID
  • College Student  $14 – Must show current and valid student ID


Admission Discount Days  Admission is half price every Tuesday.

ZOO MEMBERS receive FREE admission every day!

WHAT TO KNOW Admission tickets are non-refundable but are date-transferable up to one year after purchase date. Half price special applies to individual admission only. It does not apply to group rates. Zoo Discounts cannot be combined with any additional coupons, specials, or offers. Reciprocal Zoo discounts are available at the Zoo admission windows.

RIDE TICKETS *Prices listed are not including tax.

  • Train Ride   $3.50
  • Carousel Ride   $3.50
  • Unlimited Ride Wristband   $10 – includes unlimited rides on train, carousel & slide (when open)

*All rides are weather dependent.

RENTALS *Prices listed are not including tax.

  • Single Stroller   $9
  • Double Stroller   $11
  • Wheelchair  $10
  • Electric Scooter   $25

*Please note – kids scooters and roller blades are not allowed

What You’ll Find at the Zoo

Fine Feathered Friends

From ostriches and flamingos to vultures and endangered white-naped cranes, more than 300 birds nest here. Feed vibrantly colored lorikeets in the Schaeffer Eye Center Lorikeet Aviary.

Sensational Sea Lions

Intelligent and majestic marine mammals, the Zoo’s sea lions show off their grace and brains during demonstrations. Stop by the pool for this entertaining program – but be wary of the splash zone. These animals could be Olympic divers!

Gentle Giants

Rhinos and hippos are tons of fun with a memory to match their size. Rub a real rhino horn or spot a not-so-skinny dipping hippopotamus.

Savanna Safari

The African Savanna is home to some of the wildest beasts around. The Zoo’s Savanna features lions, zebras, ostriches, and giraffes.

Riveting Reptiles

The Reptile Building is full of beautiful and deadly reptiles and amphibians. From the world’s largest lizard, the komodo dragon, to colorful boas and a massive python, these reptiles are sure to excite every Zoo guest!

Ferocious Felines

In the wild, animals are either the hunter or the hunted. In the Predator building, catch a fishing cat and pounce on a Pallas cat. These kitties prefer fresh meat to catnip any day!

Monkey Business

From Sumatran orangutans to tiny tamarins, primates have lots of personality. Listen for the distinct call of gibbons and look for lemurs, primates found only on the island of Madagascar.

Child’s Play

The Junior League of Birmingham – Hugh Kaul Children’s Zoo is the place to be for the young and young at heart. See the Cahaba River’s fishes at the Stream, ride the carousel and brush the sheep in the barn.

Wild in Your Backyard

Hike through Alabama Wilds. See native Alabama animals like chickens, North American river otters  and more.

Zoo Manners

  • Please respect the special diets of the animals. Treats or “people food” can cause stomach problems for these wonderful creatures.
  • Please help us by not throwing items into the habitats of the animals. Even simple objects can be hazardous if swallowed.
  • Fences and barriers around the animal areas are there for your safety and that of the animals. Please stay on the walkways and viewing areas provided.
  • We want all children to have a great time in the Children’s Zoo play area. Parents and chaperones, please guide children to use the play area properly. Climbing on the rockwork walls to the play area is prohibited.
  • Thank you for not bringing your pet to the Zoo today. We allow trained service dogs. Please check with Visitor Services for exact instructions if you are here with a service dog.
  • Recognizing the health, safety and comfort benefits to humans and animals, Birmingham Zoo maintains a smoke-free, e-cigarette and tobacco product free environment for all, including areas of Birmingham Zoo property, parking lot, outside grounds, picnic areas and buildings.
  • Thank you for not bringing outside food into the Zoo. Food and beverages can be purchased at Nourish205, Wild Burger, Sidetrack and the Gift Shop.

Our goal: Capture images of wildlife at the Zoo, along with recording activities and interactions of visitors during their Zoo experiences to share with others. Your images could be used for promotional and educational purposes, web pages, newsletters and the like. We thank you for providing us with these images and we will give photo credit when name is provided.

Allergy Information

The Birmingham Zoo is a facility that uses nuts and nut products for animal diet purposes. Traces of nuts or nut products may be found in areas where animal feedings are conducted and areas where Programs and Educational animal demonstrations are performed. The safety of our guests remains a top priority and the Zoo takes precautions to provide a safe environment.

Image Copyright Birmingham Zoo

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The Birmingham Zoo is located at 2630 Cahaba Road just south of US 280/31.

From South of Birmingham
Take Highway I-65 North to I-59/20 East; Take I-59/20 East to the Highway 31 South/280 East Exit. Continue on Highway 31 South until 280 East bears off to the right. Take 280 East for one mile to the Zoo/Gardens Mountain Brook exit on the right. Exit there and go to the traffic light and take a left onto Cahaba Road. The Zoo entrance will be on your left after about half a mile.

From North of Birmingham

Take Highway I-65 South to I-59/20 East; Take I-59/20 East to the Highway 31 South/ 280 East Exit. Continue on Highway 31 South until 280 East bears off to the right. Take 280 East for one mile to the Zoo/Gardens Mountain Brook exit on the right. Exit, go to the traffic light and take a left on to Cahaba Road. The Zoo entrance will be on your left in about half a mile.

From East of Birmingham

Take I-59/20 West to the Highway 31 South/280 East Exit. Continue on 31 South until 280 East bears off to the right. Take 280 East for one mile to the Zoo/Gardens Mountain Brook exit on the right. Exit there, go to the traffic light and take a left on to Cahaba Road. The Zoo entrance will be on your left in about half a mile.

From West of Birmingham

Take Highway I-59/20 East to the Highway 31 South/280 East Exit (right in the center of Birmingham). Continue on Highway 31 South until 280 East bears off to the right. Take 280 East for one mile to the Zoo/Gardens Mountain Brook exit on the right. Exit there, go to the traffic light and take a left on to Cahaba Road. The Zoo entrance will be on your left in about half a mile.

From I-459/ US-280

Take I-459 to Exit #19, the Mountain Brook Exit. Exit and turn left onto Highway 280 West. Go 5 miles until you see Wendy’s and the Hampton Inn on your right, then take the 2nd Exit (marked Zoo and Gardens). At the traffic light take a left onto Cahaba Road. The Zoo entrance will be on your left in about half a mile.

From US-31 North

Take Highway 31 North to the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Oxmoor Road at the Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store. Take a right onto Hollywood Blvd that goes between the Chevron Gas Station and Shades Cahaba Elementary School. Go through 2 stop signs, to the stop light in the middle of Mountain Brook Village. Take a left at the light onto Cahaba Road. Follow Cahaba Road and the Zoo will be on you left in about half a mile.