fUNSCHOOLing: Early Education “Course of Study” with Toddlers, Preschoolers, Pre-K’ers, and Kindergarteners!


  • Curiosity!
  • Imagination!
  • Creativity!
  • Play!
  • Exploring!
  • Asking Questions!
  • Trying New Activities!
  • Spending Time with Peers!
  • Problem Solving!
  • Using Tools!
  • Laughing and Smiling!
  • Making Memories!
  • Compassion!
  • Empathy!
  • Kindness!
  • LOVE!



  • Engage Frequently in Dialogue with Others!
  • Enunciate Words by Speaking Clearly, Audibly, and in Complete Sentences!
  • Express Opinions!
  • Talk Descriptively About People, Stories, and Events!
  • Speak to Persuade, Dissuade, or Negotiate!
  • Converse With People of All Ages, Adults and Peers!
  • Communicate With People From Different Backgrounds!
  • Describe Relationships Between Objects, Events, and People
  • Tell Stories! Real and Make-Believe!
  • Ask Questions!
  • Respond to Questions!
  • Utilize and Understand an Increasing Vocabulary!
  • Use Age-Appropriate Rules of Standard English Grammar!
  • Include Exposure to Other Languages, Customs, and Cultures!
  • Use Increasingly Complex Sentence Structure!
  • Listening and Speak Respectfully!
  • Display Understanding of Verbal Directions!
  • Retell Stories or Directions as Heard After Listening!
  • Sequence Events After Listening!
  • Show Attentiveness to Presented Information!
  • Comprehend Pictures, Symbols, and Visual References!
  • Ask Questions About Visual Presentations!
  • Draw Conclusions From Visual Presentations!


  • Draw, Verbally Dictate, or Write About What You Read!
  • Draw Representations of Ideas or Words!
  • Understand That Writing Communicates Meaning!
  • Write Letters to Represent Words!
  • Use Drawings and Letters to Represent Events, Objects, People, Ideas, or Stories!
  • Print Your Own Name!
  • Practice Uppercase and Lowercase Letters!
  • Link Letters and Sounds to Form Words, Phrases, and Sentences!


  • Look at Pictures in Books and Pretend to Read!
  • Read to Each Other!
  • Read Together Frequently!
  • Own and Care For Your Own Books!
  • Read Different Kinds of Texts!
  • Understand That Words Have Meaning!
  • Connect Written Words to Spoken Words!
  • Ask and Answer Questions About What You’ve Read!
  • Verbally Retell Familiar Stories!
  • Define the Meanings of Simple Words!
  • Recognize Names and Common Words in Print!
  • Recite the Alphabet!
  • Recognize and Name Letters of the Alphabet!
  • Match Uppercase Letters With Their Lowercase Letters!
  • Understand Letters Form Words and Words Form Sentences!
  • Identify Words Related to Pictures!
  • Follow Words From Left to Right!
  • Follow Text from Top to Bottom of Page!
  • Recognize That Letters Have Sounds!
  • Sound Out Words, One Letter at a Time!
  • Identify Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds in a Word!
  • Group and Think of Words that Rhyme!
  • Hear and Say Distinct Syllables in Words!


  • Understand That a Number Represents a Quantity!
  • Recognize and Name Written Numerals!
  • Count Objects on a One-to-One Correspondence!
  • Count to Recognize How Many Objects are in a Set!
  • Count Numbers in Order to 20!
  • Understand the Concept of Zero!
  • Tell What Number Comes After a Number!
  • Recognize Quantity of a Group Without Counting (up to 4)!
  • Estimate the Number of Objects in a Small Set!
  • Compare Quantities in Two Sets of Objects!



  • Identify and Name Basic Shapes!
  • Describe Parts and Characteristics of Shapes!
  • Sort Items According to Their Shapes!
  • Find Shapes All Around You!
  • Combine Different Shapes to Create a Picture or Design!
  • Describe Positions of Objects! (in, on, under, up, down, inside, outside, behind, in front, between, beside)



  • Jump, Walk in a Straight Line, and Hop on One Foot!
  • Throw, Catch, Bounce, and Kick a Ball!
  • Climb Stairs!
  • Stand on One Foot!
  • Walk Backwards!
  • Maintain Balance While Sitting, Standing, and Moving!
  • Dress Independently, Using Buttons, Zippers, and Snaps!
  • Build Structures With Blocks!
  • Safely Navigate Age-Appropriate Playground Equipment!
  • Engage in Large-Motor Movements like Dancing or Marching!
  • Pedal a Wheeled Toy!
  • Use Pencils, Crayons, and Paintbrushes!
  • Complete Simple Puzzles!
  • Use Blunt Scissors and Eating Utensils Successfully!
  • Paste Objects!
  • Trace or Copy Simple Shapes!
  • Participate Regularly in Physical Activities!
  • Identify and Compare Sights, Smells, Sounds, Tastes, and Textures!
  • Identify Body Parts and Their Functions!
  • Help Prevent the Spread of Germs!
  • Recognize and Follow Health and Hygiene Practices!
  • Grow Independence in Healthy Practices! (hand washing, teeth brushing, nose care, and using the bathroom)
  • Learn, Describe, and Follow Safety Rules and Emergency Procedures!
  • Know How to Get Help in an Emergency!
  • Know How to Dial 9-1-1 and Give Name and Address Information!


  • Show Curiosity!
  • Use Senses and Tools to Observe, Investigate, Ask Questions, Solve Problems, and Draw Conclusions!
  • Describe What You Wants to Learn From a Science Investigation!
  • Ask “Why?” “How?” and “What if?” Questions!
  • Try to Answer “How?” and “Why?” About Science Events!
  • Collect, Describe, and Record (Write or Draw) Information!
  • Explain, Predict, and Generalize About an Event or Experience!


  • Describe the Differences Between Living and Non-Living Things!
  • Describe Basic Needs of Living Things!
  • Understand That Living Things Grow and Change!
  • Observe, Describe, Compare, and Discuss Living Things!
  • Match Plants and Animals to Their Habitats!
  • Describe How Animals Resemble Their Parents!
  • Identify Ways Living Things Change as They Grow!
  • Recognize Seasonal Changes in Plants and Animals!
  • Name External Parts of Plants and Animals!
  • Describe Simple Life Cycles! (butterfly or frog)
  • Show Respect for Living Things!


  • Observe, Describe, and Compare Physical Properties of Objects! (size, texture, shape, weight, color, freezing and melting, sinking or floating)
  • Compare and Sort Objects According to Physical Attributes!
  • Identify Sources of Energy Such as Light, Heat, and Electricity!
  • Identify and Compare Solids and Liquids!
  • Understand That Liquids Take the Shape of Their Containers!
  • Describe Effects of Common Forces! (pushing and pulling, kicking, wind, gravity, magnetism)


  • Observe and Describe Time Patterns and Objects in the Sky (day to night, sun, moon, stars)
  • Observe Attributes of Earth Materials (soil, rocks, air, water)
  • Use Tools to Observe Soil Characteristics (color, texture)



  • Identify Family and Community!
  • Recognize Similarities and Differences in Families!
  • Describe Your Community!
  • Identify Your Own Cultural Family Traditions!
  • Discuss Community Traditions!
  • Recognize Community Workers!



  • Tell the Difference Between Past, Present, and Future Events!
  • Show Basic Awareness of Personal and Family History!
  • Identify Events That Happened in the Past!
  • Describe Common Events and Routines! (Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Last Week, Next Week)
  • Describe How Things Change Over Time!
  • Put Events in Sequential Order!


  • Pretend Play Markets, Stores, Bakeries, or Other Businesses!


  • Know Your Community Workers!


  • Follow Directions to Operate Digital Apps!
  • Listen to Texts Presented in Electronic Formats!
  • Use Basic Computer Skills! (Turn Computer On, Use Keyboard, Hold Mouse)
  • Create Songs, Drawings, or Stories on Digital Apps!
  • Communicate Digitally!
  • Know Age-Appropriate Practices for Digital Safety!

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