Math Fruit 15 – Educational Lacing Toy – Multiplication Division Skip Counting Squares Cubes (Up to 15) Montessori-Style Hands-On Teaching Game by Lace2Learn

Description From Maker

Math Fruit 15 is a multisensory Montessori and Waldorf-inspired lacing toy that directly and indirectly involves all basic senses to help a child master multiplication, division, and skip counting up to 15.

Touch (holding the toy and lacing).

Sight (seeing a colorful presentation of math facts).

Hearing (hearing math facts spoken or sung while lacing).

Smell (association with the fruit’s smell).

Taste (association with the fruit’s taste).

Math Fruit 15 set includes:

8 plywood laser cutouts with fruitlike stickers on both sides of each cutout.

8 laces with long plastic tips.

Drawstring bag for storage.

Each side of the cutout represents a fruit and a single multiplication table from 2 to 15, as well as squares and cubes: 2 – apple, 3 – peach, 4 – lemon, 5 – strawberry, 6 – lime, 7 – pineapple, 8 – grapefruit, 9 – cantaloupe, 10 – watermelon, 11 – kiwi, 12 – plum, 13 – orange, 14 – papaya, 15 – dragon fruit, Squares – apricot, Cubes – pomegranate.

Improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, encourages ambidexterity.

Promotes concentration, patience, and perseverance.

An excellent option for visual and kinesthetic/tactile learners.

Compact and portable.

Durable wood material and waterproof stickers.

Best for ages 4-10.


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