HIPPO SOAP (Pretty in Pink) – 3 x 90g bars – Luxurious Vegan Soap Made for Sensitive Skin by BEBA Botanica

Description From Maker

  • HANDMADE BEAUTY GROOMING PRODUCTS  formulated to gently cleanse and nourish your skin with the highest quality organic ingredients. Our organic natural soap provides natural clean beauty for your family, and its good for our planet too. Hippo soap is a great luxury hand soap and body soap.

  • HIPPO SOAP BARS MAKE THE BEST GIFTS ! Novelty gift ideas- relaxing gifts for women, fun soap for kids, hippopotamus theme giftsHippo Soap bath and body wash for men and the best hand soap -and did we mention kids love them too.

  • HIPPO SOAP BARS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN – free from all nasties, no parabens, no sulphates and no phthalates – just natural soap and natural plant based fragrance from therapeutic grade organic essential oil. To get these gorgeous bright colors we use a blend of natural clay and sustainably sourced mica, along with botanical extracts such as Indigoferra tinctoria extract.

  • HIPPO SOAPS ARE MADE IN CANADA! Our natural soap is handmade with organic glycerin in small batches in Victoria, British Columbia, from organic free-trade vegetable glycerin soap. These luxurious handmade beauty grooming products in the shape of a Hippo make a great hand soap and bodywash for your whole family.

  • HAPPINESS GUARANTEED BY THE HIPPO – In the (highly) unlikely event you’re not absolutely in love with our unique hippo shape and natural soap bars, simply let us know and we will refund every penny – no questions-asked.

For more scents and other fun products, check out BEBA Botanica!

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