Adele’s Nashville – Nashville, Tennessee – 01/13/2019

It’s definitely unfortunate that my pictures are far too dark to do justice to the exquisite taste of Adele’s locally-sourced, farm-fresh, Southern comfort fare.

But, forgive me that, and check out this MUST-EAT Nashville gem!

Located in The Gulch, a trendy Nashville neighborhood with no shortage of upscale food choices, Adele’s is a FABULOUS culinary experience you WON’T regret!

Trillian and I are far from the pretentious diners you would expect to see in such a classy establishment, but our waiter treated us like we were absolutely the most valued patrons seated in the entire place.

Unique cuisine, high-quality ingredients, delightfully savory selections, and unparalleled service blend seamlessly together to ensure that Adele’s will long be remembered as one of the most incredible meals we’ve ever shared!