Collection of 63 Stickers Set – All US National Parks and Large Size Map of U.S. National Parks – 17 x 27 inch with Gift Tube Box

Description From Publisher

  • ✅ THE ORIGINAL GUIDE TO NATIONAL PARKS – Refreshed in 2020, our colorful and captivating vinyl sticker map of the USA includes ALL US national parks. Explore all of the US National Parks. Our map will inspire you and your friends to travel around the United States to visit the beautiful national parks throughout our country.
  • ✅ EDUCATIONAL – You can explore all US national parks with your children. The parks are sorted alphabetically. It is convenient to memorize the names and locations of national parks by numbers. Included is a small map for learning tips. Includes every park in 50 states as well as U.S territories.
  • ✅ MADE IN USA – Large sticker vinyl map in sizes 17 “X 27” for national parks. Made with professional quality, heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl that will last. Small stickers 1 X 1 inch are made of this same material.
  • ✅ EASE OF USE. This is a sticker on the wall as a decor in the room, it is an information poster in your RV with marks of the parks you visited. Can be used as a framed poster or to decorate any curved or flat surface. Vinyl stickers can be glued to any clean, smooth and glossy surface. Our map is not afraid of moisture and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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