Presidential Resources: Martin Van Buren: A Fascinating Biography of the 8th United States President

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Martin Van Buren: A Fascinating Biography of the 8th United States President showcases the life and political career of a man who championed for the expansion of voting rights and would later overcome an attempt to rig the Presidential election by the opposing party to take his place in American history.

In his continuing series on American presidents, Steven Wallace presents the lifelong biography of the patriotic eighth President of the United States. Before the Panic of 1837—the second worst depression in American history—poisoned his career and term as presidency, Martin Van Buren was a passionate politician who hoped to move America forward.

Born just six years after the founding of the United States, Martin Van Buren seemed destined for politics. Known throughout his career as “Little Van” for his short stature, his impact on America was certainly not minimal. From the age of fourteen, the democratic Van Buren began a political career as an apprentice. He would later go on to fulfill several positions including senator for New York state, a brief stint as Governor, Andrew Jackson’s Secretary of State, and eventually President. His incredible life also led him to become directly involved in intriguing events such as the War of 1812 and the Petticoat Affair.

Enjoy this concise and interesting biography about the eighth President of the United States, who’s impressive political career was overshadowed by the second worst depression in the nation’s history.

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