A “Little” Gas Station with a BIG Cult Following! It’s Buc-ee’s! – Fort Valley, Georgia – 05/04/2021

You’ve certainly heard that everything is “bigger in Texas.”

So, you’d better believe this Busy Little Beaver hails from the Lone Star State.

Working quietly behind the scenes in the midst of our nationwide lockdown, you WILL be seeing more and more of these “little” gas stations popping up throughout the Southeast!

This particular Buc-ee’s station, recently opened in Fort Valley, Georgia, boasts enough gas pumps to fuel an armada; and enough barbecue and candied nuts to feed everyone for miles around!

And, well, enough snacks, drinks, and Buc-ees merch to keep EVERYONE happy for the whole darned trip!

So, step right on through those doors, and join the Buc-ee’s cult!

I only own 4 shirts so far!

Several coffee mugs, an armful of plushies, and a few packs of stickers…

Definitely still need that Buc-ee Duckie, though!

For us personally, we will soon be getting enough Buc-ees on our regular route to keep us fueled up, as new locations are slated in both Calhoun, Georgia and Crossville, Tennessee. Each location perfectly situated right along our path of weekly errands! Yay!

Click here to learn more about Buc-ee’s if you don’t already know what’s up!

Should you have any desire to check out some Buc-ee’s merch or snack foods, you can find some on Amazon! Click on any photo below to see what’s available!

But, hey, it’s more fun to stock up in person! I mean, this gas station DOES have shopping carts!

Check out this List of Buc-ee’s Locations, and load up today!

This was my Mother’s Day Present!

This was my Mother’s Day Present!

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