Fun at the Buffalo Zoo – Buffalo, New York – 04/10/2010

Billed as the Nation’s Third Oldest Zoo, the Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, New York has been caring for animals, educating the public, and putting smiles on kids’ faces since the late 1800’s!

With an extensive collection of animals in easily viewable habitats, we really enjoyed our visit here!

In addition to the animal experiences, Buffalo Zoo also offers lots of fun for the kids with train rides, a merry go round, and interactive exhibits.

Are you planning a visit soon? Or perhaps learning from home?

Be sure to check out their collection of FREE educational worksheet downloads!

Buffalo Zoo Educational Resources

Polar Bear Activity Sheet

Earth Day Worksheet – Older Kids

Earth Day Worksheet – Early Childhood

Earth Day Fact Sheet – Early Childhood

Birds of Prey Activity Sheet

Sea Lion Activity Sheet

Red Panda Activity Sheet

Animal Picture Word Search

Signs of Spring Fact Sheet

Signs of Spring Worksheet 

Porcupine Activities

Frogs and Toads Activity Sheet

Bird Worksheet

Bird Fact Sheet

Nature Art Fact Sheet

Nature Art Worksheet

Tortoise Activity Sheet

Sloth Activity Sheet

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Breakfast with the Animals Worksheet

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