Niagara Power Vista Visitor Center Experience – NYPA Niagara Power Project – Lewiston, New York – 04/10/2010

While the title doesn’t sound very exciting, we actually LOVE the experience offered here with a tour of the Niagara Power Vista – NYPA Niagara Power Project Visitor Center.

I mean, basically, with all the exhibits, it functions like a full-on science museum.

And, you get a birds eye view of the hydroelectric power facilities below.

If you’ve ever toured Hoover Dam while on a trip to Vegas, you should absolutely add this self-guided tour to your Niagara Falls itinerary.

And even if you haven’t been out that way, this is still a quick, fun, and FREE educational stop along your route.

I personally find it fascinating to see how electricity is produced, stored, transported, and ultimately consumed by people everywhere.

If anyone in your family enjoys science, technology, and hands-on learning, check out the Niagara Power Vista Visitor Center!

Click on any photo for Hydroelectric Power books and teaching materials!

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