Old Sign Collection at Merritt Pecan Co & General Store – Weston, Georgia – 05/05/2021

This is one of those moments that makes our learning style loads of fun.

We just left Columbus, Georgia, the City of Soda, serving as the birthplace for Coca-Cola, RC Cola, and Nehi Fruit Sodas.

And now, we roll in to Merritt Pecan Co. & General Store, which to some may just be a random Georgia Country Farm Store. But to us, we are instantly amazed by the very impressive display of old tin signs. And, of course, we recognize all the brands we just learned about!

So, for us, it’s about building connections.

We explore, and we learn as we go; and then we spend every moment thereafter making connections with everything else we experience along the way!

So, say, you visit Graceland, and learn about Elvis.

Now, every time you hear an Elvis song, you think about everything you learned on that trip.

Or, you visit Hershey, Pennsylvania, and then watch The Food That Built America, and everywhere you go, you’ll pick up on all the things you learned through that multi-faceted experience.

Or, you visit the birthplace of a brand, such as the aforementioned soda companies, and from here forward, every sign we see for Coca-Cola, RC Cola, and Nehi Fruit Sodas, will trigger that A-HA moment, wherever we are when we see them again!

Trust me. It’s fun!

And we love it!

Click on any photo below to learn more about any of the products you see!

Explore some historic tin signs!

And be sure to check out the Merritt Pecan Co, & General Store for AMAZING Pecans and Pecan-flavored treats!

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