Windmill Dutch Imports Gifts & Food – Helen, Georgia – 06/19/2019

Such a cute little shop that I’d never noticed before! It’s right next to our favorite restaurant, but tucked back into the corner.

The employee told me the owner has been in this location for over 30 years!

She was very kind, and helped us choose a handmade wooden tulip, in Ribby Purple, for our souvenir.

We’ll definitely come back when we can spend a little more time picking out some delicious Dutch chocolates and desserts! They all looked so YUMMY!

And on an interesting note, never before in my life had I heard of Stroopwafel until I saw it in this shop.

Lo and behold, just 6 hours later, I saw a McDonald’s sign advertising Stroopwafel McFlurries.

Even at my age, traveling IS educational!

And even at my age, I STILL learn something new EVERY DAY!