Z Taco at al Fresco – Pensacola, Florida – 09/16/2017

Trillian and I took a Mommy-Daughter Day Out this afternoon and headed into Pensacola, Florida for lunch, shopping, and a few caffeinated beverages.

We chanced across al Fresco in the middle of Downtown Pensacola, and thought it was a SUPER cool choice for grabbing a fun bite to eat.

al Fresco is a little corner where permanently parked food trucks boast several fun international cuisine selections.

And it was a tough decision to choose only one…. But we decided on Z Taco, and were very glad we did.

We ate ourselves silly with an El Gigante Shrimp Burrito, the Z Nachos with Beef, and a side of Fried Avocado Wedges with a Southwest Cilantro Sauce. We washed all that awesomeness down with a pair of Jarritos Mexican Sodas, in Lime and Tamarind.

It was THE perfect day to enjoy Food Truck Perfection in the warm Florida sun!