Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson – 07/07/2018

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One of the best parts of slower traveling, and staying in one place for longer periods of time, is that you have more of an opportunity to relax and enjoy engaging in literature with local ties to your destination.

Whether you like classic works, poetry, or modern prose for yourself, or pop-up books, picture books, chapter books, juvenile fiction, or non-fiction for the kiddos; JUST READ!

Visit a library while traveling, or do your Amazon homework ahead of time to grab some titles to read together in your slower evenings!

We spent several weeks in Tok, Alaska during the Summer of 2018, and we absolutely raided the local library stash to get our hands on as many locally-flavored fiction books as possible!

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson was one we will ALWAYS remember!

When we first started reading it, I didn’t like this punk kid the story was revolving around. With a horrible attitude, and a disturbing situation building, I almost didn’t get past the beginning of the story.

But, WOW! I am so glad I stuck it out!

Talk about character development and personal growth!

A painful story of self-realization, indeed, but this was a beautiful read for our family that we are grateful we have in our memory.

I’ve included the Amazon link for Touching Spirit Bear. I also think I might grab a copy of the sequel, Ghost of Spirit Bear, while I’m at it. The reviews look good, and it sounds like Cole and Peter both still have some profound experiences ahead of them!

Let’s Read!