Scott Stapp on The Space Between the Shadows Tour with Special Guests Messer and Sunflower Dead – Decatur, Georgia – 09/30/2019

Ah, if only 20 year old me would have seen this night coming!

A freaking amazing night, indeed, with Scott Stapp, former Creed frontman, on his solo tour; and special guests Messer and Sunflower Dead.

Laugh if you want, but I’ve always had a soft spot for those old Creed hits from the late ’90’s. I lived in South Florida at the time, and Creed played CONSTANTLY.

But, I spent my time belting out My Own Prison with the best of ’em…

And now, here I am, 40 year old me, in the front row, covered in the sweat of one of my favorite musical idols!

And the supporting acts were phenomenal gentlemen as well.

Both bands are friends of friends that have toured with some of my besties in the music industry. So, really, we’re all family here.

And based on our hefty collection of autographed merch for the take home, I’d say my music family is the BEST family!

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