Cave of the Winds – Niagara Falls, New York – 04/09/2010

Another FABULOUS experience you truly MUST do when visiting Niagara Falls…

Is Cave of the Winds!

Cave of the Winds, essentially, is a trip down the elevator, from inside the walls of the gorge.

At the bottom, you can actually walk out TO Bridal Veil Falls, from the lowest levels possible on foot.

And then, you ascend the stairs, back up the falls, through the full force of Bridal Veil Falls blowing into you!

It’s an intense experience.

And, it can be a little overwhelming.

But, wow…

Few experiences in life will ever rival the euphoria you get from the cold, wet, POWER of Niagara directly in your face!

So, make sure you check out the details for Cave of the Winds, and be prepared to stand in AWE!

Oh, and, yes, you WILL want to do the Maid of the Mist Boat Experience as well.

Two awesome hands-on opportunities to interact with Niagara Falls, and not just take a picture from the top!

See it, taste it, hear it…

Breathe it in!


Niagara Falls!

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