Lessons in Canadian Economy: A Trip to the Gas Station – Wadena, Saskatchewan – 06/05/2018

Canadian currency is certainly fascinating!

It’s a plastic consistency, with transparent panes embedded with culturally significant holograms.

This particular $50 bill features William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister; as well as the Centre Block of Parliament, the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen, and other national symbols.

What’s equally fascinating, though, is just how fast it disappears at the gas pump!

Yes, I know there is a difference between litres and gallons, and I know we have a conversion calculation.

But, yikes!

It’s still scary watching that pump total scroll so high!

The money is pretty, but it sure spends fast!

Would you like to learn more about Canadian Currency, or maybe even have your own set of Canadian bills and coins in Your Classroom?

How cool would that be?!

Click on any photo below to learn more!

Check Out the Bank of Canada Website to Learn All About Canadian Money and its Symbolism!

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