Tales of the Moss People – An Exhibition by Kim Simonsson at the American Swedish Institute – Minneapolis, Minnesota – 05/24/2018

Of all the art and sculpture exhibits with which we have engaged along our travels, this collection stands out the most.

The day’s simple plan started out as just another trip to a museum.

But, what actually transpired once we entered the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, was a fantastic journey into realms previously unimagined.

It’s hard to describe the eerie sense of disquietude that washes over you while sharing space with The Moss People. Sculptures of young children, coated in green, earthen imperfection, existing amongst post-apocalyptic ruins, far beyond the depths of conventional dimensions.

As you step slowly amongst the foreboding caricatures, you can inhale the moist, mildewy stillness of the forest encapsulating these miniature beings. Lost and lonely, they feel abandoned, yet perhaps they thrive within their own mysticism.

Peculiar, yet endearing; magical, yet perplexing.

The enigmatic veil of mystery that shrouds them, draws in your empathy; but the esoteric wonderment of their very presence, is equally confounding.

The depth of their energy feels so very familiar to me. It envelopes me completely, saturating me with a mournful grief for their haunting loss of their innocence, yet, if you allow yourself to live there, with them, in their exquisitely captured moments, you can feel just the faintest urge of primal optimism.

Whatever the world holds, perhaps we will survive?

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