Alpina Coffee Cafe – South Lake Tahoe, California – 9/14/2018

We started our morning checking out Tahoe City, but eventually worked our way around the lake, and to the South Lake Tahoe side of things.

Wow. The entire Lake Tahoe area is STUNNING.

It is DEFINITELY on my list to go back as soon as we can and spend a LOT more time there. I can’t wait to hike and climb some of the enticing trails and unique formations.

Although our time in Tahoe was more of a “Hey, let’s check this place out while we’re driving through,” we found an absolute gem of a destination that warrants a MUCH longer to stay to fully appreciate everything that’s happening in this area.

And when we do make it back, we will certainly be hanging out again at Alpina Coffee Cafe!

The Barista was new, but he was very kind, and he did a great job with our slightly more unique orders.

Thankfully for us, they had a great menu of slightly unique choices!

So, we thoroughly enjoyed our Blackberry Mocha and our Lucretia Mexican Mocha with Cinnamon and Nutmeg!

Lake Tahoe, thanks for being AWESOME! We WILL be back for more!