Hurricane Harvey Relief – Watkinsville, Georgia – 08/31/2017

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office has made quite the international name for themselves with their quirky Facebook antics.

But, I’m definitely proud to have been a part of the OCSO calling upon the local areas of Watkinsville, Athens, and surrounding communities to come together to show support for our friends in Texas, following the absolute destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

As part of a team of volunteers, we worked all weekend in the pouring down rain to take donations from area residents. Traffic was backed up, all day, every day, with cars and trucks LOADED to the brim with generous donations.

We packed at least three separate 53′ haulers full of food, water, baby items, pet food, hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, first aid items, and so much more.

This was an incredible moment to volunteer on behalf of the memory of my baby girl. I definitely did my part to send a TON of Hugs From Ribby all the way to Texas!